Words, Words, Words

August 8, 1999

I heard it start raining as I was putting my shoes on Friday morning. Not a little bit of rain, either, one of those cloudbursts that last 15 minutes or so, which I would just wait out if I weren't leaving for work at the last minute anyway. So I went into the bedroom to get my jacket and I noticed that it wasn't raining on that side of the building.

So I went back and, sure enough, raindrops were pouring down my windows, and every couple of seconds there would be a rippling patter as a gust of wind blew the rain against the glass. This was very odd. So I went up to the window, and looked down, and saw the sprinkler.

I guess it could have been worse, if I'd been dumb enough to go out into ninety-degree weather wearing a jacket.

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