Words, Words, Words

December 18, 2000

A useful insight I had long ago is that every job can be made a bazillion times easier by having the right tool. Obvious, but easy to overlook.

I just bought a new knife. It has a curved blade, with the handle mounted above the blade, so I can cut simply by pushing down. If the blade gets stuck the curve means it's easy to wiggle it a bit. This isn't as precise as the old-fangled sort of knife with the handle sticking out to one side, but it makes chopping a good deal easier now that my dominant hand is impaired. I tried it out last week, and tonight I made potato curry for the first time in over a year. This involved cutting up several large potatos, a green pepper, and an onion. Even with the new knife it's more difficult than it used to be. But it's easy enough that I just might cook a bit more often.

Because that's the thing about not having the right tools. You don't always remember to break the job into two parts--where the first part is "how can I find the tools to make the job easy". Sometimes you just don't do the job at all, which can mean missing opportunites to make life more fun.

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