Words, Words, Words

An Occasional Journal by Steven desJardins

Polonius: What do you read, my lord?
Hamlet: Words, words, words.

Latest entry: December 25: Christmas Dinner

April 9: Two Streetcars Named Desire
April 10: Comics

March 20: Hugo Picks

December 4: A Bad Day For Democracy
December 5: Jade Bean Curd Scrapers
December 11: Taking to the Streets
December 13: A Hole In My Heart
December 18: The Right Tool
December 25: A desJardins Family Christmas

November 21: Election Rant
November 25: More Election Stuff
November 26: Unbreakable
November 28: Reviews and More Election Ranting
November 29: Egghead Amusements
November 30: Lunch With Eric and Rachel

October 1: Shakespeare Weekend
October 14: The Truth About Samurai

September 6: Worldcon Report, part 1
September 9: Worldcon Report, part 2
September 11: Shakespeare Victory Dance
September 28: Part Time

June 5: Reading List, part 2

May 8: Reading List, part 1

April 15: 33
April 26: Death in Washington

March 14: Hungarian Movies and Other Oddities
March 19: Catching Up

February 14: Extremely Wimpy Dare

January 23: A Typical Day
January 25: Snow Day

December 6: Surgery Update
December 15: Phantom Vomit
December 18: In Defense of Preaching

November 9: Not a Con Report
November 11: WFC Report Part I
November 13: WFC Report Part II
November 14: WFC Report Part III
November 29: Book Reviews

October 18: One Hand Clapping
October 19: A Tiny Pinch
October 25: Now I'm Cooking
October 30: Explaining My Tagline
October 31: Bits and Pieces

September 9: More Medical Stuff
September 14: Bad News

August 3: Space Alien Feet
August 4: Unbridled Optimism
August 8: The Rain It Raineth Every Day
August 10: Purple Fuzz
August 11: Two Degrees of Kevin Bacon
August 16: The Long Weekend
August 19: Openness
August 26: Medical Stuff
August 31: Post-surgery

July 22: Sandals and Shakes
July 23: Elevators and Lipstick
July 25: Book Reviews
July 27: Random Acts of Snideness
July 28: Another Book Review
July 31: Stupid Laundry Tricks

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