Words, Words, Words

An Introduction

Let me begin my journal by describing myself.

I am a single white male, 32 years old, living alone in Washington, D.C. More specifically, I own a condominium near Dupont Circle, in what I think is the city's nicest neighborhood. I like cities and have grown very fond of Washington, especially of the large number of restaurants and theaters.

My social life is not what it could be, partly because I'm shy, partly because I'm a couch potato/bookworm, and partly because I'm tired. So this journal may be a little dull.

My fatigue is due to an unusual neurological condition which is similar to adult-onset spinal muscle atrophy. In simple terms, I'm weak, have limited range of motion, and can wear myself out just by doing ordinary daily chores. I often regret the limits on what I can do, but I also feel lucky that my handicap doesn't interfere with most of my pleasures or with making a good living.

I have nearly as many books as can fit in my apartment, which will be a problem in not too many years. I read mostly science fiction and an eclectic range of nonfiction, with a preference for books that engage me intellectually. That means I have little patience with series or formulaic work; once I've figured out what the author has to say, I hope he'll move on to saying something else. You can get a pretty good idea of my taste by reading these reviews, or the ones that I'll be posting in my journal from time to time.

I spent several years writing short stories, with limited success. Some of them were very good indeed, and almost all had sparks of real talent, but I never sold anything and I now feel that my ability spans a narrow range, and not many stories I'd like to write fit completely within that range. It has now been a couple years since I wrote anything much. I'd like to get back to writing in the future -- or even the present, if I can find the energy -- but I've resolved not to blab on about works in progress or good intentions. If I finish anything I'll announce it in the journal; otherwise, I won't say a thing.

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