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January 25, 2000

Good news about the wrist. My therapist is much more optimistic that she can fix it using a series of splints that gradually force it into a wider range. For example, the best I could manage on my own yesterday was a 30-degree bend. She worked on my wrist some, got it to about twenty degrees, and put me in a splint to hold it there. On Thursday she'll see if she can get it to ten or fifteen degrees, until hopefully I can move it normally on my own through a full normal range of motion.

The downside is that I have to wear a huge splint all the time. (I actually have two splints, one that covers my whole hand and one that leaves the fingers free. The whole-hand splint is better for me, but not very realistic for twenty-four hour use.) (Oh, and I can take it off to shower or if I really need a second hand. So it could be a lot worse.)

In other news, the federal government was shut down today. They announced the closure five minutes before I left home. Unfortunately that was ten minutes after I turned off the TV. The predictions of 0-1" were way off; more like ten, last time I heard, with more possibly on the way. This could very well be a two-day holiday.

And it's an ill storm that blows no good: the basketball game that had pre-empted Buffy and Angel was snowed out. Hurrah.

And in the movie-viewing area, I watched the 1953 version of Invaders From Mars yesterday. The beginning is okay--an interesting exercise in paranoia, but they didn't do quite enough with it. The middle was also all right, except for the obviously phony technobabble, but the end was a total cheat. Oh well, so much for the classics.

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