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July 31, 1999

Thursday night I finally did my laundry. They have all-new machines in my building and for once none of them were in use, so I was able to grab the two washing machines nearest the driers. (Makes it easier to transfer my clothes, you know.)

Then I pulled my first Stupid Laundry Trick of the evening, which was not checking how many quarters I had before going to put the clothes in the driers. Fortunately I had exactly enough.

Then I pulled another Stupid Laundry Trick, which was not taking any change with me when I went to take the clothes out of the drier. Sure enough, the clothes were still wet, in both machines. So I had to make another round trip. Then I started the machines again before noticing a very interesting fact. The old machines had a coin slot for the top drier on the left on the bottom drier on the right; the new ones were reversed.

Yep. I'd just spent four dollars running the wrong machines.

I finally got the right machines going, and got my clothes out of the drier and everything, but it was after midnight by the time I finished. Gaaahh.

Working Assets has decided to bill me bimonthly, since I spend about maybe a dollar a month on long distance calls. The silly part is the way they're trying to pitch this to me as a great customer service initiative. Yes, I'm grateful, but wouldn't "This makes sense for both of us" be more honest than "We're doing this to help YOU!!!!"?

The Washington Post's review of Deep Blue Sea contained the phrase "jaws akimbo". You'd think a paper that big could afford a dictionary...

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