Words, Words, Words

March 19, 2000

The previous entry was written March 14, but not posted until tonight because I needed to work out how to use FTP on this computer. Not difficult, I just put it off.

I'm no longer using the splint I mentioned last time, because it made my wrist too stiff. Now I'm working with weights and putty to strengthen my hand. It looks like I'll need a lot of patience; I don't think there are going to be any quick solutions.

My cable TV stopped working Friday night. I can't make sense of what's wrong with it; when it was plugged into my Tivo recorder I was getting no signal at all, but when I had my mother plug it directly into the TV I got some (but not all) channels. Annoying. And when I called the cable TV company they said it would take two weeks to send somebody out. Life was certainly simpler when I had just an antenna.

Lunacon is coming up, which means I need to finish the manuscript a friend sent me two months ago (since not only will I be seeing her there, I'm sharing a room with her). Aaargghh. I knew this would happen; if I don't get started on something like this right away, I can put it off forever, without even noticing how much time's gone by. Still, if I read a hundred pages a night, I can at least get to the end of the book and start thinking about my critique. (I think I'm going to have to read it three times to do a decent job of commenting, so there's no chance of finishing the job this week.)

And after Lunacon I'll have to start my hundred-word-a-day quota up again. That didn't last as long as I'd hoped, but it often takes two or three false starts before I develop a good habit, so I'm not going to beat up on myself. Especially since I have so much better things to beat up on myself for.

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