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November 29, 2000

How very odd. I seem to have put the wrong date on yesterday's entry, and in fact had a reference to "last night" that should have read "Sunday night". I've corrected the mistakes, but for about twenty-four hours I had some really dumb errors on my web site.

I also had some intemperate remarks about Katherine Harris, which I partially retract. While her actions do violate the reasoning of the Florida Supreme Court, they are not in violation of the actual court order, and she has rejected the court's authority in an appeal to the federal Supreme Court. So she is consistent in her actions (which are still wrong).

I also note that the Republican party has demanded a recount of 570 ballots in Roosevelt County, New Mexico, which showed no vote for President in the initial mechanical count or recount. How they reconcile this with their position in Florida is an interesting question.

# # #

I began studying Latin today. I always thought this would be a fun thing to do, plus I've occasionally felt a bit ignorant when I encounter a Latin phrase in my reading and don't know how to pronounce it, and it'll probably help my language skills in general. I finished the first chapter, which is pretty basic stuff. I can just about manage baby talk now. (Suntne Louis et Sarah parvae? Sarah est parva, sed Louis est magna.) This is good, because I'm having lunch with a baby tomorrow, and I can help him become multilingual. (Ubi est Theodore? Hic est Theodore!)

I am aware, though, that many people look at you in alarm when you say you decided to study Latin for fun. For their sake, I'm working on pretentious and intimidating phrases I can work into casual conversation. My favorite so far is, "Of course, the story of Pyramus and Thisbe really has more pathos in the original Latin." Writing "et alii" instead of "et al" is another good one. I'm trying to avoid anything that requires actual command of the language until I'm at least at Chapter III.

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