Words, Words, Words

October 19, 1999

You'd expect having a three-inch spike pulled out of your finger to hurt. Amazingly, there was only a momentary pain and there the doctor was, a slick-red shishkebab in his hand. It'll be more painful when I pull the band-aid off.

I still can't type worth a damn, but I'm going to practice using both hands as much as I can. The more I use the hand, the better it gets, and this sort of finger exercise is perfect for limbering myself up. True touch-typing--where I move only one finger in order to push a key--is way off, but I'm trying to use the correct fingers for each key, at least, and jerk the other three fingers around as little as possible.

I'm concerned about my wrist, though. It's been incredibly stiff since it came out of the splint, and on the prescription the doctor gave me today for occupational therapy he wrote in parenthesis "only expect ~30-40 degree arc at most". Excuse me? My wrist was fine before he operated. I find it hard to believe there will be permanent impairment; I do not want to think about how I'll feel if there is.

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