Words, Words, Words

October 25, 1999

Both my pinky and my wrist are showing an encouraging amount of progress. Still incredibly stiff, of course, but instead of pushing against a brick wall it feels more like I'm pushing against a slightly flexible brick wall.

I went shopping at Fresh Fields today, for the first time in two months, and did a bit of cooking. Just roasted mushrooms, but it's a start. Tomorrow I'll try making some Szechuan tofu (or a lazy variant thereof), and by the weekend I think I'll see if I can manage a pot of chili. About time I started fending for myself.

Book recommendation: The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman, about a Hmong family in the U.S. whose daughter developed epilepsy. Linguistic and cultural obstacles prevented her from getting the medical care she needed; the account is both a heartbreaking tragedy and a window into an alien culture. Very much worth reading.

And a recent Harvard study concluded that a dog's bark actually is a fairly reliable indicator of how badly it can bite.

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