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September 9, 2000

I'd considered going to the anime panel at 8:30, but civic virtue prevailed, and I decided that if I got up in time I'd go to the Worldcon business meeting instead. I woke up at exactly 8:30, and somehow managed to shower and dress in only 35 minutes. I checked the pocket program for the location of the business meeting as I was leaving the room, and found to my dismay that it was in the Fairmont. But the map made it look like the other hotel wasn't too far...just south on Stetson, then right onto Lake Street. The first problem was that it wasn't possible to turn right onto Lake Street; it only went west. So I went up a flight of stairs instead, found myself on a cul-de-sac, and looked for a hotel south of where Lake Street would have been. The only building in the right place didn't look much like a hotel, and when I asked a security guard if it was the Fairmont, he pointed north. So eventually I found the Fairmont--not where the map said--and wandered confusedly through the building until I finally found my way to the third floor and the room where the business meeting was supposed to be, where I found a sign telling me it had been moved to the Hyatt. I also found a stand with a sheet of program changes, and the Daily Newsletter from the night before. The program changes didn't say anything about the business meeting, but the newsletter had a brief item. That's a real big help, guys.

So eventually I made it to the business meeting (not a long walk, once I knew where the Fairmont was), and since it had started half an hour late I'd only missed about half an hour of the meeting. It turned out all the interesting Hugo stuff had been settled the day before, and the only motion remaining was to select future Worldcons two years in advance instead of three. I voted on the losing side, and that was it. It was nearly as futile and frustrating as a D.C. primary election (will we ever get good candidates?).

I don't remember what I did immediately after that--dealer's room, maybe?--but I went to the site selection panel briefly, where I concluded that I didn't want to vote for either one, and then the "Pros and Fans at Cons" panel, which had the always-entertaining Terry Pratchett. The "Solar System Update" with Geoffrey Landis and other NASA scientists was fascinating. And the Campbell nominee panel was interesting, as always. I enjoy attending these panels because the authors are new, and I generally haven't seen them on panels before. Shane Tourtellotte is apparently nearly my age, but he looks like he isn't old enough to shave. He auctioned off his extra ticket to the Hugo reception to benefit the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund, and Ellen Klages was hilarious as the auctioneer.

I hadn't made arrangements to meet anyone for dinner, but I figured we'd probably get together in the lobby again, so I waited there and sure enough around 6:00 Mark, Ed, and Graham came down. We took a cab to a Thai restaurant where we entertained a woman at a nearby table with our conversation. ("This is how we always talk when we go off to the bathroom together," I explained.) I got back in time to get a decent seat at the Hugos--none of the others wanted to come--and came to regret drinking all that water at the restaurant. Fortunately, about fifteen minutes into his speech, Harry Turtledove began talking about the Student Science Fiction Awards. I rushed to the bathroom and got back before he was finished. (Okay, it's nice to encourage young people, but geez, I just don't care.) The rest of the awards went pretty well and I was pleased that all the awards were well-deserved. (Galaxy Quest wasn't the best movie, but it was very fannish, and frankly I was so relieved that the gawdawful The Matrix lost that I would have applauded anything.) I was interested to see from the nominating statistics that James Patrick Kelly's story "10^16 to One", which won the category, made it onto the ballot by a single vote. There are often narrow wins in the Hugo races, which is one reason I try to always vote.

Boy, I'm lazy...let's see if I can finish this off tomorrow.

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