Words, Words, Words

September 11, 2000

Yesterday I saw a very fine production of "Timon of Athens", which was the only Shakespeare play I'd never seen, except for the apocrypha. (I've read "Edward III" and "The Two Noble Kinsmen", and it's pretty clear that Shakespeare wrote part, but not all, of each. The opening act of "The Two Noble Kinsmen" is particularly fine, among the best work Shakespeare did. Too bad the rest of the play stinks.)

Coming up in the next year are two productions of Richard II, Coriolanus, Love's Labors Lost, Henry IV (both parts), Henry V, and Two Gentlemen of Verona. I do love Shakespeare.

An anecdote from Worldcon: Friday morning I was woken up early by the alarm clock. I moaned inwardly and struggled to rouse myself enough to get out of bed, when thankfully the noise stopped and I realized it was coming from Christy's room. (I heard later that Christy wasn't able to shut it off, but just turned the volume way down. Terry had a problem with her alarm going off at the wrong time, and couldn't shut it off either. I'm sure glad I never tried to use mine.)

Another anecdote: Friday night Christy had a terrible time getting the cork out of a wine bottle. After a long struggle Gordie took over, but he couldn't manage it either. Finally David Coe wrestled with it, and eventually got it out. Then he looked at the bottom and said, "Huh. Please play again."

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