Words, Words, Words

September 14, 1999

It's a bad sign when, during a routine visit to have stitches removed, your doctor uses the word "shit". Although by that point I pretty much knew things were not going well. I'm not much of an anatomist, but when the end of one bone is here and the end of the other bone is there, it's pretty obvious something's wrong. Dr. Haque gave me a local anesthetic and tried to realign the dislocated joint. He succeeded in stripping a lot of dead skin of my finger and smearing me with blood, but he couldn't manage to get the joint back in place, so I'm going to have more surgery on Friday. The only good news is that I'll still be able to go on vacation next week as planned. (I'm not really that bummed--in the realm of Things That Can Go Wrong, this is a pretty minor annoyance--but, I mean, geez.)

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