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 UPDATED  2/18/10

Robin Bailey's official web page is now available, but hasn't been recently updated. This page will give you a little of his writing history and tell you about his upcoming projects. Robin is one of my closest friends in fandom, the author of 16 published novels & many short stories including the collection Turn Left to Tomorrow, editor of Architects of Dreams & Through My Glasses Darkly: Five Stories by Frank M. Robinson, the former President of  the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA) and looks great in a propeller beanie.

Following a successful battle with cancer in 1999. Robin's career came back busier than ever before.

Robin attends some science fiction conventions and conferences. He is currently expected to attend the next ConQuesT in Kansas City, Missouri, Campbell Conference in Lawrence, Kansas and Contraception in Independence, Missouri.

Robin's first published novel was FROST, it was followed by two sequels (SKULLGATE and BLOODSONGS), ENCHANTER, THE LOST CITY OF ZORK, DUNGEON: THE LAKE OF FIRE, NIGHTWATCH, the three volume Brothers of the Dragon series (published in the United States as BROTHERS OF THE DRAGON, FLAMES OF THE DRAGON and TRIUMPH OF THE DRAGON) and his most acclaimed novel SHADOWDANCE (one of the best novels of 1996). Robin was also a popular "Thieves World" author.

Darkhose re-released Robin's novel, SWORDS AGAINST THE SHADOWLAND. Set in Lankhmar, Fritz Leiber's world of Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser and originally conceived as a joint protect between Bailey and Leiber.

Now Available!

Arcgitects of Dreams eddited by Robin Wayne BaileyNight's Angel by Robin Wayne BaileyDragonkin by Robin Wayne BaileyDragonkin: book twoDragonkin: book 3

Robin's recent books:

  • ARCHITECTS OF DREAMS: THE SFWA AUTHOR EMERITUS ANTHOLOGY is edited by Robin and includes short fiction by Emil Petaja, Wilson Tucker, Judith Merril, Nelson Bond, and William Tenn.
  • TURN LEFT TO TOMORROW single author collection.
  • DRAGONKIN: UNDERSKY The final book in Robin's popular youth trilogy.
  • SWORDS AGAINST THE SHADOWLAND reissue of of Robin's continuation of Fritz Leiber's Lankhmar series
To be published: SWORDS IN THE STORM date unknown)
Robin's fiction output has slowed lately, in part because of his volunteer work, and in park because of his nonfiction writing. Robin is presently a member of the advisory board of the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle.

Robin is also a talented performer, singing and playing guitar at various charity benefits, and serving as MC at conventions. A tape of his performance of NEVER TOO OLD TO DREAM is available from DAG productions at This was Robin W. Bailey's first solo studio tape. Many of the songs have back-up vocals by members of the L.A. Filkharmonics.

Group of fans wearing Official Fan of Robin Wayne Bailey T-shirts.

At SoonerCon in 1996, Robin was
surprised by a group of 30 fans wearing
"Official Fan of Robin Wayne Bailey"

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