Memorial brick at KC's Union Station presented
by the Kansas City Science Fiction
& Fantasy Society
charlie - 1995
Often referred to as the best behaved fan at the convention. Charlie attended over 80 science fiction conventions from 1985 until 1999.

Charlie (and his master) was scheduled to be  Fan Guest Of Honor at Conestoga '99 in Tulsa, OK on June 25-27, 1999. The other featured guests were Harry Turtledove, Gardner Dozois, David Lee Anderson, Barbara Hembley and George Alec Effinger. In the Conestoga '99 program cover art at right is Charlie and the (also dead) artist's dog.

At ConQuesT 28 a poll was conducted (to provide questions for "Fannish Feud") and the most common response to "Name a Fan" was: Charlie the Dog. Charlie also participated in the masquerade.

Charlie's bio was occasionally included in program books and three times con-commitees negotiated to allow him to stay at hotels with no pet polices.

A special thanks is given to the loving folks at Olathe Animal Clinic, for their help during Charlie's final days.


4 furry white feet had nothing to do with his behavior
here's to a gallant gentleman
his person keith stokes could not be his savior
here's to the valiant gentleman

love and the doctor can only do so much against time's ebb and flow
here's to the valiant gentleman
he never went where he wasn't wanted and shouldn't go
here's to the gallant gentleman

one of the nicest males i've ever met or ever will
here's to the gallant gentleman
it's very sad when loved ones go over the hill
here's to a valiant gentleman

my sincere sympathy

love pati

by Patricia Taylor

Charlie's last home

Other pictures of Charlie

Charlie & Keith  (Fall, 1997)

Charlie & Keith (1997 Christmas photo)

Charlie & Santa (1998 Christmas photo)

Running dog image

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