Chicon 2000 Photos
The 58th World Science Fiction Convention
August 31- September 4, 2000

Wednesday night dinner at Yanni's Greek Restaurant in Arlington
Heights: Tom Meserole, Bobbie Meserole, Jim Knappenberger,
Melisa Knappenberger, Joan Marie Knappenberger, Lynn ?

Long shot from the convention hotel

Steve Eley's SFF.Net Pizza run

Keith Stokes, Douglas Triggs, Laurel Amberdine, Chris Amberdine,
Anna Eley, Stephen Eley, Raymond Eich

Sullydog  (AKA Jonathon Sullivan MD, PhD), M. K. Fuller

Chicago River near Hyatt

I had lunch at Billy Goat's Tavern on Saturday.
The atmosphere was better than the food.

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