Fire and Ice

"Fire and Ice embraces a stunning diversity of shattered icons and broken rules, from gender bending to will breaking, from on-line to on the line and across the line. Kyle Stone's new collection is all fire and ice and not a tepid moment betwixt."
Lars Eighner

Sample some of the best of Kyle Stone, from this stunning collection of short stories!

"Fire and Ice, Kyle Stone's new collection of erotic fiction, proves once again that imagination, ingenuity, and sheer intellectual bravado go a long way in making porn hot. What Kyle Stone does is impressive. These stories turn us on and make us think, they excite us in the head as well as in the groin, they give us an intellectual hard on as well as make our orgasms psychological and emotional as well as physical. This is porn for the thinking reader. And who could ask for anything more."
Michael Bronski