On third thought, maybe we need to rethink this whole thinking thing, he is, after all, a reviewer.

Page Two

Okay, so maybe no one cares what's being worked on at this point in time or what I might think about any particular subject, or even where I might like to end up, fictionally speaking of course. On the other hand, there may be editors, directors, producers and/or agents out there, cruising and just waiting for a talent of my obvious breadth.

Let's play it safe and assume the worse. Let's assume that fame and fortune is merely a heartbeat away and that all this hard work, sweat, doubt and effort is like a giant gold nugget just waiting to be discovered.

What's this all about? Click here(63k) and much will be illuminated.

Finished projects just waiting for a market

Not that all these manuscripts are all just sitting here gathering dust (well, okay, maybe one or two are while I regear my marketing energies,) but if you don't blow your own horn, who will? I mean, especially once your mouth has been all over it and you've spit into the hole?

  1. Are you an editor looking for a short story?
  2. Are you an anthologist looking for a novella or a collection?
  3. Are you a publisher looking for an exciting and dangerous columnist? (That's columnist as in writer, not communist as in Lenin, dammit)
  4. Are you a director looking for the next big screen thing?
  5. Are you a book publisher looking for that millenial best seller?
No? Then why are you here? Perhaps you know an editor? Perhaps your mother would like it if you bought her a wonderful fantasy story for her birthday?