On the Shelves

What's actually out there that you can go down to the store and buy? Glad you asked!

Here's a brief description of some of my existing works. It's not complete, but it's pretty complete. Go forth, buy things, and remember that I get almost a dime out of every book.

The newest book of mine to actually hit the shelves is Devil's Tower, from Del Rey Books. A mixture of western, fantasy, and science fiction, this one is hard to put a handle on. Del Rey calls is "Alternate History / Fantasy." Hey, I've got my own subgenre!

You can read a sample chapter of this book by tripping over to the Devil's Tower Preview Page.

King's Quest:
Kingdom of Sorrow

If you look on the spine of this book, you'll see the name "Kenyon Morr," which is the pen name for collaborations between me and fellow Missouri author, Marella Sands. This book is based on the King's Quest computer game, and I like to think it has some of the same sense of humor. There's another book in this series coming Real Soon Now.


This book is in the "Magic: The Gathering" series, but don't let that fool you. Except for a phrase here or there, nothing was lifted from the game. I like to think this book covers some important ground. Read it and let me know.

The Dark

This is a young adult novel. High school student, Shiloh Church, decides to spend her summer helping out on an archeology dig. But the caves of western Kentucky may be home to something a lot more frightening than old bones.

The Principal
The Substitute
The Coach

These three young adult novels gave me a chance to explore the idea of vampires. With a trilogy worth of stories, I was able to knock the tropes around from all sides and have a good deal of fun. Be forewarned, the covers to these books make them look a lot gorier than what's really inside


This was my first young adult novel, and it's still one of my favorites. I nice little drama to read the next time you're taking a long road trip.

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Last Update: 6 August 1996