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A Russian magazine featuring SF and Fantasy by authors from all over the world; book reviews, analytical articles, articles discussing new advances in sciences and understanding of society, letters, bibliography of SF translated into Russian, and department on Cyberspace. Ready to embrace informative articles about major happenings in SF including fanzines in other countries: what's hot, what's cool.

Published since 1994. Bimonthly. Approx. 200 pages. Format 60x84/16. Cost of one issue 3 $.
Circulation at present - 3000 copies.
Subscription for 1997 (8 issues) 24 $ plus shipment.
Ad rates: cover (4 colors)- 800$, cover inside - 500$, 1 page (b&w) - 400 $, 1/2 of a page - 200 $.
Chief editor - Larisa Mihaylova.

Supernova is practically the sole place in Russia promoting writers who appeared in the '80s and '90s. The following are a few of the authors who have appeared in our pages:


Supernova accepts SF and fantasy short stories (not horror as such) of 5-8000 words, and novelettes (10000 words), including those previously published in English or other languages during the last ten years provided the author him/herself will give us sole permission to publish the work in Russian translation.

Reply to the submission will be given within three months. A self-addressed postcard to ascertain receipt is useful.

The accepted manuscript will be published within a year. The main pay for the author will be promotion in the Russian book market. Translation itself won't cost the author anything.

We prefer paper mail submissions. Only submissions of already-published works need to be accompanied by a cover letter stating that the work in question may, with permission of the author, be translated into Russian and published in "Supernova" magazine. Unpublished unsolicited manuscripts may be sent by e-mail to the address: Preferred format: simple DOS text.

Title: Supernova F&SF
Mailing address:
Moscow State University Science Park, room 512
Lengory, Moscow 119899

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