• Susan M. Garrett

Officially, I've been writing fiction since I was eight years old. It all began with fan fiction--they didn't make enough new episodes of my favorite Saturday morning cartoon and children's shows and so I started writing my own. I actually started taking notice of what I was writing back about 1976 or so, when I first got interested in Fantastic Journey and then Doctor Who. In 1983, I starting printing fanzines of my Doctor Who (Time Winds) and multi-media/original fiction (Wynter Tydes) without even knowing what a fanzine really was.

My fan fiction has included a number of fandoms, from Forever Knight, Doctor Who and Shadow Chasers, to more esoteric entries such as Q.E.D. and The Questor Tapes. I've written comedy, drama, mystery, and horror, but prefer action/adventure, turning clichés on their ears. In 1997, I was chosen by the editor at Berkeley/Penguin/Putnam as an author for a Forever Knight TV tie-in novel.


• Forever Knight: Intimations of Mortality

Berkeley, October, 1997, 284 pages.

He has walked the night beat for centuries. He is one of the finest homicide detectives in Toronto. But Nick Knight wishes he could shed the curse of his true calling. The burn of the thirst. The thrill of the kill. The endless nights longing to be human . . . and not a vampire.

In his quest for mortality, Nick Knight has tried everything. But when a mysterious woman gives Nick a strange doll that she claims will grant his wish, the result is a series of dreams more vivid and disturbing than any Nick has ever had before.

In them, he is mortal, working in a police department dominated by vampires. LaCroix is mortal as well, and leader of the human underground. Dr. Natalie Lambert is an alluring vampire assigned to make Nick immortal once again - his reward for a job well done . . .

Are they just dreams . . . or something else? Nick isn't sure. Nor is he sure just what price he's willing to pay for his mortality . . .