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I was born on the day Albert Einstein died, a confluence of events I haven't managed to calculate the significance of just yet. My fiction has appeared in national magazines and anthologies (see bibliography) and my first suspense novel, Walking Rain, was published by Bantam in August 1996. It's about a potter named Amelia Rawlins who reclaims her grandfather's isolated New Mexico ranch after an absence of many years. She's forced to face her disturbing past in the process.

[Walking Rain cover] The book is in its third printing, having garnered favorable reviews from Publishers Weekly, Booked for Murder, and the Denver Post, and been highlighted as a "Hot Book" in Texas Monthly. It's a current nominee for the Edgar Award for Best Original Paperback. I'm now working on a thriller set in Austin (my home-town). This book is about a woman firefighter who gets caught up in a serial arson case while struggling with challenges to her authority on the job.

Doing the research has been loads of fun, since it consists of hanging out at fire stations and talking to firefighters--who are often great storytellers.

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