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[Walking Rain cover] Walking Rain, USA paperback: Bantam/Fanfare, August 1996, Editor: Wendy McCurdy, ISBN 0-553-56865-5, $5.99 US/$7.99 Canada.
  • Walking Rain is now in its third printing.
  • French rights to Walking Rain have sold to J'ai Lu.
  • Walking Rain has been nominated for the Edgar Award for Best Original Paperback
Sixteen-year-old Amelia Caswell died twelve years ago along with her family-at least that's how she felt. The person who sur-vived that horrifying night in Houston was a stranger, even to herself: a young woman called Amy Castle who hid her scars and led a life that bore no relation to Amelia's.

Now a hickory wind has blown her home, to her grandfather's isolated New Mexico ranch. She wants to put down roots again at last, and try to make her peace with the past. But will the past make peace with her?

Burn Pattern, to appear from Bantam

I'm now working on Burn Pattern, a thriller set in Austin (my home town). This book is about a woman firefighter who gets caught up in a serial arson case while struggling with challenges to her authority on the job.

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