NovelsSyne Mitchell Science Fiction and Fantasy Author

End in Fire

End in Fire Paperback $6.99
ROC - June 2005

Claire Logan is working outside Reliance space station when she sees a nuclear explosion detonate over India...declining oil reserves spark a war that threatens humanity.

"End in Fire is a lean, tense thriller set in a very plausible future. Real characters, real science, and lightspeed pace."
Greg Bear

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The Changeling Plague

The Changeling Plague Paperback $6.99
ROC - February 2003

Geoffrey Allen was born with a deadly disease. His illicit cure sparks a virus that randomly exchanges DNA between victims.

The world considers the plague a catastrophe, but computer hacker Idaho Blue, sees an opportunity to rewrite humanity...

"An atmospheric blending of William Gibson and Michael Crichton."
—Lyda Morehouse, author of Fallen Host

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Technogenesis Paperback $6.99
ROC - January 2002

In the future, everyone is connected to the Net twenty-four hours a day. Loneliness is a thing of the past—so is privacy.

When Jasmine Reese is inadvertently disconnected, she discovers there is more to the Net than anyone suspects. It has evolved…

"I enjoyed Technogenesis very much, both as a story and for the ideas and presentation."
—Vernor Vinge

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Murphy's Gambit

Murphy's Gambit Paperback $6.99
ROC - November 2000

They are called floaters. Humans born and raised in zero-gravity to work as indentured servants. Ostracized by “grounded” people, the floaters have created a culture and society of their own

But now they want their freedom…

“Adamantine-hard science fiction with heart…a ripping good read.”
—Eric S. Nylund, author of Signal to Noise

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