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ON A MOVE by Terry Bisson

New biography of journalist/death row political prisoner MUMIA ABU JAMAL. From Litmus, February 2001. Also available from

"Opens an important window on the life of a brilliant and uncompromising dissident." --Tom Morello, Rage Against the Machine.

"A powerful book--I couldn't put it down." --Sister Helen Prejean, author,Dead Man Walking.

"To read this book is to gain deep insights into the issues of race and poverty." --Howard Zinn

"A book that will inspire action--and life." --Chuck D

" This book moves as fast as a street-corner game...Bisson does a masterful job of defining the character of one of America's most profound journalists--a man the Pennsylvania judiciary is trying to murder--and exploring history's influences on him. Read these lines. Read between them, too, before it's too late. --Peter Coyote

Mumia is a first rate revolutionary journalist, a wicked satirist, an eclectic humanist scholar, and a friend to all who love justice. I strongly recommend his own writings: LIVE FROM DEATH ROW and DEATH BLOSSOMS.


THE SIXTH DAY (Tor, Nov 2000) Novelization of the new Arnold movie. "You cloned the wrong man!"

MIRACLE MAN (Harper Collins, Nov 2000) YA novelization of a classic X-Files episode.

BE FIRST IN THE UNIVERSE (Dell, Feb 2000) -- A "droll ... lighter-than-air ... amusing, satisfying caper" (Kirkus) for young readers (under 55) co-authored by TB and Stephanie "Ganoob"(Aliens for Breakfast) Spinner.

GALAXY QUEST.(Ace Books, December 1999). The only authorized, official novelization of the Dreamworks movie, personally approved by Steven and Susan (Spielberg and Allison).




"The Most Reviewed SF Novel of 1996"

A New York Times "Notable Book" for 1996

"Surprising and compelling ... a stylish exploration of the dream-infested psyche of Gunther Ryder, who hunts extraterrestrials for a living, suffers from real and virtual sexual frustration, and discovers (to his and our satisfaction) that you can go home again." --NY TIMES

"A work of cunning sublety and complexity ...brilliant." --LOCUS

"Another gem from one of SF's leading innovators."--BOOKLIST

(Autographed hardcover available, $15 postpaid--email the author)


THE PICKUP ARTIST--SF novel, Tor, Spring 2001.

"The Old Rugged Cross"--short story, Patrick Nielsen-Hayden's STARLIGHT original anthology from Tor.

EXPIRATION DATE: NEVER!--Young adult SF, Dell, Spring 2001, the second of two books with Stephanie Spinner.

Odds and Ends

Don't miss ROGER ZELAZNY'S NINE PRINCES IN AMBER and GUNS OF AVALON, adapted by Terry Bisson for DC Comics. And here's a brief Appreciation of Roger Zelazny, my way of thanking him for his work.

Be sure and check out "They're Made out of Meat" on permanent display as part of the Are We Alone? exhibit at THE TECH MUSEUM OF INNOVATION, San Jose, California.

(art by Cory & Catska Ench)

NEW from ElectricStory!!

"A leisurely Golden Age tall tale enriched by the wonderful gibberish of mathematical physics. All fun and pure pleasure." Rudy Rucker

NUMBERS DON'T LIE, the long-awaited (by TB, anyway) novella containing all the adventures of Wilson Wu and his pal Irv in one volume. Based on actual incidents! And the return of an ursine classic, BEARS DISCOVER FIRE (the collection), now available from ElectricStory in Microsoft Reader and Rocketbook formats.

(art by Heather Hudson)

Features the award-winning title story and includes other Hugo and Nebula nominees such as the usenetmostpostedhitsingle They're Made out of Meat, "Necronauts," "Press Ann," "The Shadow Knows," and "England Underway."

Readings & Appearances

KGB Non Fiction Reading Series, hosted by Mark Jacobson, Eric Konigsberg, and TB. First Wednesday of every month, 7 to 9:30 pm at NYC's ill-lit literary legend, the KGB Bar, 85 E4 (at 2 Ave) in Manhattan.

Also SF@KGB, hosted by TB and Ellen Datlow and sponsored by Third Wednesday of every month, same time, same downtown scene. May 16 next, Douglas Clegg and Caitlin Kiernan.

(Email TB to be put on either KGB list.)

Plainfield Library (NJ) May 8

Nancy, France, May 15

Worldcon (Millennium Philcon) Philadelphia, September 1

Radio Drama

The SciFi Channel's Seeing Ear Theater features several adaptations of TB stories ( "They're Made out of Meat," "Next," and "The Toxic Donut") and also two collaborations with Brian Smith--"The Flat Edge of the Earth" and "Orson the Alien."

"The Toxic Donut" is performed by film star Peter Coyote. TB worked with Peter on his powerful 60s memoir, SLEEPING WHERE I FALL, a book that ranks with Malcolm Cowley's EXILE'S RETURN as a revealing portrait of a generation in revolt.


Everything you never wanted to know,

and more.

"Some things never happen. This one will." --Larkin

Owensboro Hall of Fame

A science fiction writer was inducted into the Owensboro, Kentucky, Hall of Fame, along with such superstars as Darrel Waltrip, Johnny Depp, Cliff Hagan and Bill Monroe. Strong company for a lowly scribbler, and a great honor indeed.


"macs" (Best SF Short Story, 2000, awarded at SFWA Nebula Banquet, April 28, Beverly Hills, CA; also winner of the Locus award and France's Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire) featured in

IN THE UPPER ROOM and Other Likely Stories (Tor)

"One of the field's truly distinct voices!" --Locus

"Cutting edge SF!" --Publishers Weekly

"Generously endowed with sharp wit, dead-on dialogue and the storytelling gifts of a born raconteur." --SF Weekly

"Rousing entertainment, underwear, equations, entities and all." --Kirkus

"Bisson's imaginative take-offs on string and chaos theories and the vagaries of cyberspace are as shrewd as they are playful. Witty stories with a timeless sweetness and allure. Speculative fiction that transcends its genre. A good choice for Douglas Adams fans." --Booklist

"Multiple dimensions, and every single one of them includes lingerie." --SF Site


Written for AUTOMOTIVE NEWS millennial issue--Detroit, We Have a Problem

The Case of Mumia Abu Jamal

Intro to THE PERPETUITY BLUES, a major new story collection by Neal Barrett, Jr.

A Canticle for Miller: how I met St. Leibowitz & the Wild Horse Woman but not Walter M. Miller, Jr.

Seven Ways to Beat Writer's Block and How I Made Them Work for Me

The Primal Ooze, Clark Dimond, and the Kitchen Sink

The Black Panthers

Hawk Debate Heats Up

Bluegrass on the Banks of the Ohio

SF and the Post-Apollo Blues

Voyage to the Red Continent


This short poem CRAZY DUCK was written in 1963 when I was living in Louisville. First published in the Village Voice, it is considered by knowledgeable critics to be one of the top duck poems to come out of the 60s.

Posthumous Collaboration


By Walter M. Miller, Jr. (Bantam)

TB completed the book after Miller's death--see story in "Articles" or access it HERE. This is a very different book than CANTICLE--a mature, wry, almost Tolstoyan exploration of the conflict between Spirit and Flesh played out on the High Plains of North America (circa 2800) and in the soul of one persistent and bright if not terribly wise young monk.

Video Scripts

Oak Ridge, written as an original screenplay for F&SF, won me a 1998 NY Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in Screenwriting and Playwriting.

Press Ann was a 1993 Hugo nominee.

The less said about TPMP, the better.

Press Ann

Incident At Oak Ridge

The Pleasantville Monster Project

Stage Plays

Adapted from my own short stories--


Two Guys From the Future

They're Made Out of Meat

The Toxic Donut

The Joe Show



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