The Belt Republic Series by Ted Butler



Review for "Pandora Project"


Book Four in the Belt Republic Series

Review by -  James C. Glass, author of  Shanji,  Empress of Light, The Creators and other stories.

            Gil Rockaway (aka Gil Klanz) continues a complicated life of multiple personalities caught in the war between Belt Corporation and the Belt Alliance, with Earth maintaining an uneasy neutral position. A cadet ensign on leave from Earth Federation Naval Academy, Gil has become a captain in Devensportís militia, a Lieutenant Commander in the Belt Republic, a captain in Belt Republicís militia and an intelligence agent in the course of his adventures. Returning from his mission to save kidnapped Princess Corolane of Lyons Kingdom Republic, now under threat by Belt Corporation, Gil receives intelligence orders to Kennedy Space Station near Earth. Gil dodges BC police everywhere, learns that BC is bringing in a huge asteroid called Pandora into Earth orbit as a materials resource for their warship construction yard there. Gil will be part of a force to prevent Pandoraís threat on Earth, and also to stop it being used as a resource for building BC warships.  His partners include fellow Belter intelligence agent Larry Hall, and a journalist with a gambling problem. BC police are a constant presence, and Gil encounters his old nemesis Turen, from Academy days, and Admiral Menzies, suspected of masterminding Princess Corolaneís kidnap plot. As he works to eliminate the Pandora threat, Gil is threatened, pursued, his life in constant danger, his pursuers closing in as Pandora comes in to orbit.

            While Gil struggles to survive, Princess Corolane, now Acting Queen since her fatherís disappearance, is trying to return to Lyons after her kidnap ordeal. She and her party, including bodyguard Lady Amelie, are stopped and harassed by BC agents. All strangers are being questioned because BC robot freighters have been mysteriously disappearing. Thereís an arrest attempt, and one of Corolaneís party is shot.  They flee in a shuttle, hide on an asteroid, are saved by Belt Republicís Devious, a disguised warship. There, Corolane is treated as a head of state. They rendezvous with other Alliance ships loaded with assault-troops. Corolane finds herself in a leadership role in a full-scale attack on Pandora, unaware of Gilís role in the same attack. As a head of state she symbolically orders the attack after assuring Earth the hostilities are directed only towards Belt Corporation, and the desperate struggle to turn back Pandora and cripple BC warship production builds to a terrific climax at the end of the story, with both Gil and Corolaneís lives in constant jeopardy.

            Pandora Project is a real page-turner, and if you like stories about large-scale battles in space, youíll love this one, with bold characters and attention to technical detail. A great addition to the Belt Republic Series.

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