The Belt Republic Series by Ted Butler



Review for "Royal Threat"


Book Four in the Belt Republic Series

Review by -  James C. Glass, author of  Shanji,  Empress of Light, and The Creators.


To the Earth Federation he is Gil Rockaway, on leave as a cadet ensign of the Naval Academy to serve in earth’s Sky Control. In reality he is teen-age Gil Klanz, a militia captain and naval lieutenant commander for the Belt Republic, and an outlaw sought by the power-hungry Belt Corporation for his revolutionary activities. Gil is recruited by Lyons Kingdom, a possible ally of the Belt Republic, to escort their Royal Princess Corolane from her school on Earth to a Lyons ship waiting near the moon to take her home. The eleven-year-old princess, sole heir to the Lyons’ throne, is strong-willed and difficult. Her bodyguard Amelie, a twenty-year-old martial arts expert and Lyons naval lieutenant, looks as young as the princess. Both are space-born, but unusually well adapted to earth’s gravity, a secret the Belt Republic would like to understand for strategic purposes. With Republic approval, Gil takes a leave from Sky Control to accompany the princess to the moon. He’s aided by Amelie and fellow revolutionary outlaw Larry Hall, also being sought by the Belt Corporation. But Lyons Kingdom wants its royal princess home for a reason. Belt Corporation seeks to put pressure on Lyons to be its ally by kidnapping the Lyons princess. The kidnappers move in quickly as Gil begins his assignment. BC spies are everywhere, even among the London police, and officials of Lyons Kingdom {and the Belt Republic} are also being kidnapped. The princess and her protectors are taken on a wild chase through the streets of London and out to a turbulent sea where they’re pursued by boat and aircar, Gil recruits helpers wherever he can. If the princess is taken, Lyons Kingdom could be lost to Belt Corporation, but if Gil succeeds in his mission the Belt Republic will have a new ally, and the secret of space-born adaptation to high gravity will be available to them.

Royal Threat is a fast-paced story with plenty of suspense and mystery to satisfy the reader. As the fourth novel in the Belt Republic series, it stands alone as a story, but includes enough references to the earlier books to smoothly maintain continuity. A good, action-filled, page-turning  read.

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