Old biographical page of Terry McGarry, fantasy writer and copyeditor.
I have a new website as of late 2012. The Nine Winds, at terrymcgarry.com, has updated links, current b(ibl)iographical info, exclusive fiction, an active blog, and all kinds of new content, with most of the content here gradually making its way over there as well.

Quick info:

Fantasy author
Irish musician


Favorite movies:
Rebecca (1940)
The Seven Samurai (1954)
The Haunting (1963)
The Lion in Winter (1968)
Breakout (1975)

Some TV shows I've liked:
Classic Trek
Blake's 7
The West Wing

Some favored composers:
Cliff Eberhardt
Patty Larkin
Seamus Egan

Favorite authors: An impossible question (there are too many). Ursula K. Le Guin and Lord Dunsany are the most personally inspiring, but only by a hair over a bunch of others. If I could be John Crowley or Gene Wolfe when I grow up, I'd be very happy (but I'd look a lot different).
Terry McGarry
I knew a girl who was named Tara because her mother watched Gone with the Wind when she was pregnant, and a friend of mine is named Lucy because her mother loved I Love Lucy. I was named after a comic-strip character.

My great-grandfather was a mad scientist, my grandfather was a carnival barker, and my father was an actor; the crazy side of the family worked mostly in insurance. I was born in New York City, where I have lived and worked pretty much ever since. I went to grammar school in Greenwich Village in the sixties. I graduated from high school on Friday the 13th. I graduated from college in Orwellian 1984. I've been a bartender on Wall Street, a street trader in Ireland, a receptionist on Long Island; I've waitressed, delivered papers, mucked out stables, worked at a musicians' booking agency; I've served on an Anglican vestry. I worked at The New Yorker for fifteen years, the last seven or so as a Page O.K.'er, but escaped Cond Borg in the spring of 2000. (Resistance is not futile!) I'm now a full-time writer and freelance copyeditor; at various times, I do work for Tor, Del Rey, Pocket, and Bantam, specializing in speculative fiction. I'm a member of HWA, the EFA, WOWW (the Waverly Omnivorous Writers' Workshop), the Authors Guild, and SFWA, of which I was once vice-president for my sins; I spent a term on the board of editorial directors of the Princeton Alumni Weekly. My novels Illumination, The Binder's Road, and Triad are available from Tor Books.

In my off hours, I do some gardening and biking, volunteer at a local shelter, study Japanese with the aim of watching Kurosawa films without subtitles, play a little Broadway piano and folk guitar and a lot of Irish music (mostly pennywhistle and Irish bouzouki, also some banjo and flute), hang out online (there's also a Livejournal now), and sometimes go camping or bowling, shoot a few rounds of pool, or pretend to play tennis. Through ARMA, I've done some basic longsword study (Workshop 1.0 certificate); I hold an orange belt in Krav Maga and eat low-carb, although there's still nothing like a box of Entenmann's, a can of Chef Boy-ar-Dee cheese ravioli, or a frosty Dr Pepper to aid in the writing of Very Large Novels. (A genetic aberration, I can't stand corned beef and cabbage.) I've grown the world's gnarliest jade plant and done my best to kill my front lawn. (I failed. I give up. I water it now. Except when there's a drought emergency.) I like to take adventure vacations--the kind where you sign a form promising not to blame the outfitter if you get killed--and I would like to see the aurora borealis before I die. This desire predates my reading Philip Pullman, I swear.

I'm partial to non sequiturs.

NOTE: New website as of late 2012! The Nine Winds, at terrymcgarry.com, has updated b(ibl)iographical info, exclusive fiction, and all kinds of new content.

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