Screenshots from Marine Boy, Kimba, and Blake's 7. Links for these shows and others fondly remembered: Astro Boy, Captain Scarlet, Thunderbirds, Speed Racer.
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Blasts from the Past

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You can also get Vol. 9, Vol. 10, and Vol. 11 from Amazon, the Box Set 2, and six volumes of The New Adventures, from 1990, which I haven't seen but which look a bit Disneyfied to me, so I'm not enthusiastic. If you've seen them, let me know what you think and I'll run a Reviews page.

Kimba videos can be ordered from RightStuf. They have both box sets, and their sale price on #2 is much lower than Amazon's. And they have a Kimba for President 2000 button.

All 52 episodes of original Kimba (16mm to video) are available here.

All 52 episodes of original Kimba are also available at

Sometimes Kimba merchandise appears on eBay, so check there now and then.

Yesterdayland's Kimba the White Lion.

Cute Kimba-related cartoon at Suburban Jungle

A Kimba the White Lion muck.

A search for information, input requested; it's fun to browse the participants' comments.

Kimba examined as the precursor of Simba.

Tezuka's "Jungle King" and Disney's "Lion King"--a comparative index.

A Kimba theme song wav file, not zipped (345Kb). I'll have a RealAudio version eventually.

I have a plastic Kimba key ring and a cloisonne Kimba pin, but I don't know who manufactures or sells them. More here when I find out.

I've taken the link to Robocat's Kimba Gallery down till I have a chance to do more with the page. It's languished too long.

Astro Boy: The Lost Episode from Amazon   Astro Boy 3oth Anniversary Vol. 1 from Amazon

Amazon has Astro Boy volumes 1-13, five 30th Anniversary volumes, and The Lost Episode, but most of them are Special Order and the prices are much better at RightStuf. The customer reviews are informative, though.

AstroBoy may be coming to the big screen. There's a news squib here at (scroll down a little for it or search for text "Astro Boy"). Lists a winter 2000 release date, which I guess didn't happen, but maybe it's still in the works?

You can get Astro Boy videos from RightStuf for excellent prices (and there are QuickTime clips available of many of them), as well as an Astro Boy pewter figure and an Astro Boy poster.

Yesterdayland's Astro Boy.

Jaimen's Astroboy Page seems to have disappeared again.

Astro Boy: Seems to be gone, but I'll leave the link for a bit just in case. Was a classy-looking site (referred by Pamela Punger) with some neat images, of Astro Boy and other things.

Astro Boy videos for sale through Cybersuperstores. Thanks to Lawson Short for the URL. (There's also Gigantor stuff here.)

An Astroboy theme song au file, not zipped (575Kb).

A page about Osamu Tezuka, creator of Kimba and Astro Boy.

Tezuka Osamu World

Robocat's Marine Boy Gallery: a whole lot of jpegs from the show. (moved offsite to save space) Very informative, great pictures, and videos available.

Yesterdayland's Marine Boy. Has a message board, and people post their memories of the show.

Toon Trading According to Wingnut
. Two Marine Boy videos for sale.

KLOV Marine Boy. A listing of a video game based on the show. Not sure if there's info on how to get one.

The homepage of Corinne Orr, who did the voices of Neptina and Cli-Cli on Marine Boy, as well as Trixie on Speed Racer, and...yes, Snuggles the Bear in the fabric-softener commercials!

Check eBay now and then for Marine Boy merchandise.

If you can dl it from the other server, here's a RealAudio file of CliCli that sounds just like Snuggle!

Many thanks to Brad Rigby for the updated link for Absolute Anime's Marine Boy, and to Chas Talbot for the original link.

There is very little Marine Boy merchandising, and you certainly can't find action figures. But here's the box art for a P1 sub and the instruction sheet from the kit, both courtesy of John Patterson. And here are a couple of views of a beautiful custom-made Marine Boy figure by John Patterson. I'm totally impressed by this. And he's working on more!

You can get all 78 Marine Boy episodes here.

You can get all 78 Marine Boy episodes here, too.

New! An autographed Marine Boy picture can be ordered here, and I wouldn't be surprised if other merchandise appears on the site at some point.

A zipped but still huge .wav file (2122Kb) of the theme no longer available here. Took up too much space on the server, so I had to delete. Email me.

If you can download them from the other server, RealAudio files of the opening theme and the closing theme.

I'm always looking for Marine Boy sites. If you find any, or create any, let me know! Since I've been getting lots of email from folks, you are all saved from my dreaded garbled childhood rendition of the Marine Boy theme song: "It's Marine Boy, brave and clean / Fighting beaver 'neath the sea..."

The Official 2001 Captain Scarlet Calendar. I just got this (yeah, middle of February already, arg), and I absolutely love it!

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons. Among other things, this site has a sound gallery, and if you don't have "THIS IS THE VOICE OF THE MYSTERONS" linked to some event on your computer, you haven't lived.

Captain Scarlet. Has information about a recent CGI TV pilot.

The Snappy Gallery 3. Great shots with fascinating commentary.

There's almost always a ton of Captain Scarlet stuff on eBay, and I see a fair bit in Amazon's ZShops, too. Another good place is eBay UK: The Sci-Fi Zone.

FANDERSON: The Official Gerry Anderson Appreciation Society. Lot of broken links, but still lots there.

Thunderbirds. (Gerry Anderson Supermarionation, not anime.)

FANDERSON: The Official Gerry Anderson Appreciation Society. Lot of broken links, but still lots there.

Thunderbirds stuff on eBay UK, through their Sci-Fi Zone.

Speed Racer

A fantastic assortment of Speed Racer merchandise is available at

And last but not least, one of my favorite vices, Blake's 7 (the hell with it, I put the apostrophe in). B7, created by Terry Nation and aired on the BBC from 1978 to 1981, was frequently awful, but completely fascinating, mostly because of its dystopic Federation and the complex interrelationships among the human and computer characters, and partly because, like Babylon 5, it is a complete story arc and thus has the feel of a dramatic novel rather than of an unending, episodic serial.

The Blake's 7 Webring

The Adrenaline and Soma Powered B7 Pages

Lisa's Video Frame Capture Libary

Robocat's Blake's 7 Gallery, a small collection of screenshots.

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