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New Cosmic Theory (1932 clipping)

New Cosmic Theory: 1932

My great-grandfather, Adolph Schulz, was a Heidelberg-educated Renaissance man--an M.D., fluent in several languages (he had a hand in founding the Berlitz School, according to family lore), an inventor, and a scientist. He exchanged letters of debate with Albert Einstein (if we could find Einstein's replies, we'd be very happy), presumably about the issues discussed in this article:

From The New York Daily Mirror, April 10, 1932
The child in the photo is my father, Pat McGarry, age 4.

It may well have been a crackpot theory--a physicist who read the article thinks it was--but we have all his notes (however battered after years of storage in an old cardboard box), and the article was too sensationalist to make a completely valid judgment on. One of these days, maybe we'll try deciphering the notes...

When I can, I'll transcribe the article (as much as I can read--the edges are torn) and put it up here. According to my father's note attached to the clipping, 1932 was the first year the Mirror ran colors (three colors only), so I'll scan in a color version of this, too.

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