Views of the Transdimensional Duct experience:

Exterior view of the duct. Its makers cleverly disguised it with a common household item, engendering a lengthy and unfortunate period of dormancy. Once accessed, however, it seemed to function unimpaired, although documentation of optimum performance levels will be lacking until a user's manual can be located. A pleasant side benefit is that it retains it dual function, tackling baked-on grease and dry-caked macaroni and cheese while simultaneously whisking adventurers to unimagined universes.

The high-tech control panel for the duct. Despite the machine camouflage, the whirlpool symbol in the center is an icon easily deciphered once the true nature of the device is understood. The dial on the right accesses a duct interface, and can be set for any one of an apparently infinite number of dimensions; pulling its center outward activates the machine. The button on the left toggles between common household usage and transdimensional usage. Its only drawback is the ease of switching it inadvertently by leaning against the device while distracted by incoming communications or accessing the nearby refrigeration unit. Vigilance must be maintained at all times!

The actual entryway to the duct. It's much larger than it appears; it had to be, to accommodate the not insubstantial bulk of The Known Universe's Largest Seal-Point Siamese, its renowned discoverer.

The most common visual experience upon actually entering the duct itself. It appears in black and white because that's how cats see.

It Came from the Homepage

It Came from the Lobby

It Came from the Duct!


Duct gateways are monitored by Robocat.

"The nature of the universe probably depends
heavily on who is the actual protagonist.
Lately I've been suspecting it's one of my cats."
--Wil McCarthy

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