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Irish Music, Culture, and Other Stuff

Traditional music:

Ceolas: comprehensive information and links.

Comhaltas Ceoltoirí Eireann

Gaelic Song Archive

Irish Music Discography

Na Píobairí Uilleann

IRTRAD-L archives, an easily navigable archive of the IRTRAD mailing list.

The Irish Traditional Music Archive

Places where music and dance happen:

The Irish Arts Center in New York City. Also has a homepage here.

The Catskills Irish Arts Week in East Durham, NY. I went in '96 and '97. It was outstanding.

Irish Week by the Sea, in Nova Scotia

Milwaukee Irish Fest


New York Area Irish Traditional Music and Dance Events

The Guinness Fleadh

Tunes and tune software:

The TuneWeb

Henrik Norbeck's ABC Tunes, a downloadable archive

The ABC Homepage: The ABC system of musical notation is awesomely useful for collecting and sharing tunes through the Internet. Download shareware to render ABC in staff notation (or play it through your computer's speakers), download some of the tune archives people have put on the Web, and you have instant access to hundreds of tunes. This is too damn cool.

abc2win by Jim Vint, the shareware I use

Tune of the Month from Na Piobairi Uilleann


Celtic Music Instruments (at the Ceolas site)

Na Piobairí Uilleann

The Uilleann Pipes

Han's Irish Bouzouki Page

The Cittern Pages

The Cittern and Bouzouki FAQ

The Guitar and Bouzouki in Irish Music

Citterns 'n' Stuff

Ralph Cook Low D Whistles

The Bodhran

The Irish Tenor Banjo

The Chiff and Fipple and Dale's Tin Whistle Newsletter

The Whistler's Page

A Guide to the Irish Flute

Casey Burns flutes (I have one of his and love it)

Rob Greenway's Irish Flute Pages

The Flow, great info about regional styles

What Is an Irish Flute?

The Wooden Flute Page

Catalogues and mail-order:

Celtic Grooves

Traditional Irish Music

House of Musical Traditions

Homespun Tapes

Lark in the Morning



Hobgoblin Music

Tayberry Music

The Music Room

Celtic Heart Music Store

Green Linnet Records

Shanachie Records


Rounder Records

Claddagh Records

Dara Records

BogFire's Celtic offerings

General music and groups:

Irish Music Box

Irish Music Net

A1 Irish Music/The World of Celtic Music

Celtic Music

The Irish World Music Centre

Black 47

Cherish the Ladies

Natalie MacMaster



The Chieftains


Lists of links:

The Celtic Traditional Music Ring

The Celtic Culture Web Ring

Every Celtic Thing on the Web

Yahoo's Irish Music Index

Fonts and art:

Celtic Web Art

The Scriptorium's Celtic Collection

Goldcup Software and Design


Cló Iar-Chonnachta, publisher of books and music preserving the Gaeltacht heritage

Nobel Prize-winning Seamus Heaney. Photo, bibliography, and intensely affecting poems.

The Irish Bookshop in New York.

Kenny's Bookshop in Galway.


Learn Irish

Celtic Language Links

An Focloir Beag, an online Irish dictionary (in Irish)

Gaelic Dictionaries Online

Where to find Irish classes in your area

Irish language FAQ


The Irish Times, Ireland's major daily newspaper. This site hits you with about forty cookie grenades, but it's a great resource.

The Irish Echo

The Irish Voice

The Galway Advertiser. I can't believe this is online. Getting this one hot off the presses--knowing where it was going to be dropped off first when it came out--was a big deal in Galway when I lived there, and a lot of our lives depended on being the first to answer an ad.

Film, TV, Radio:

Celtic Sounds on WFUV in New York City and environs. A Thousand Welcomes is one of the best traditional-Irish-music shows, if not the best, period.

RTE Online Audio Files. This is really great--streaming audio of radio from Ireland. The Late Session is great--traditional music and interviews.

The RTE to Everywhere Homepage

Irish Film Festival

The Irish Road Show

Celtic TV

Irish Express TV


Celtic Music New Zealand, home of the Cittern FAQ


Celt.net: An Online Celtic Community

Earthlore's Ireland. Also look at Earthlore's home page.

Clár Chinn Conamara. In Gaelic. (There's an alternative, though not as developed, English page available at a click. Look for the agonized-little-face icon.)

The Misty Isle

Atlantic Island: News, chat (in both Irish and Gaelic), D.Diaspora, arts and culture, an Irish kitchen, an A to Z of Ancient Ireland.

Nua Dán, a fascinating experiment in interactive arts.

Ireland Travel Impressions and more--pictures, recipes, music, tourist information, links. In English and in Italian. Good if you're thinking of going and want to read about the experiences of other people who did.

Aras Chronain, Irish music, language, and culture

Irish Emigrant Publications. Good news summaries and other interesting material.

Irish Emigrant's glossary of terms and acronyms in daily use in Ireland

Irish Emigrant's historic documents

The Virtual Irish Pub

Irish Archaeology Homepage

Ireland On-Line, the Hibernian AOL

The Gaelic Homepage

Gael Force Imports


Things To Do in Galway, my favorite Irish city and a home away from home.

Aer Lingus

Gaffney Travel (still an active link, but not sure what's going on with the page)

A Virtual Tour of Ireland

Real estate:

Irish Property Newsletters


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