I have a new website as of late 2012. The Nine Winds, at terrymcgarry.com, has updated links, current b(ibl)iographical info, exclusive fiction, an active blog, and all kinds of new content, with most of the content here gradually making its way over there as well.


The Transdimensional Duct


Duct History:

Several years ago, one of my feline roommates discovered a wormhole behind the dishwasher in the kitchen, where said feline had fled during the Annual July Fourth Bombing of Long Island City. Subsequent investigations of this gateway have resulted in a series of adventures, chronicled episode by episode on my answering machine, as the intrepid band of four-footed folk have set forth in search of alternative universes in which the Mets win the World Series, Dr Pepper is consistently available on supermarket shelves, there is a desirable candidate in the current presidential election, and so on.

In the spirit of these adventures, we now link the transdimensional duct to the World Wide Web. Here are some places it can take you, if you're strong of heart and open of mind.

If you like to look before you leap (but keep in mind that Aesop also said "He who hesitates is lost"), be sure to peer, however cautiously, into the...

Duct Gateways....

Branches of the Duct:

Like all good causal trees--like all good neural pathways, and many Mandelbrot sets, and other forestly things--the Duct has branches. At the end of the branches you will find universes. At the end of those you may find a restaurant, or a whimper, or a pop song...or possibly another universe....

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Sound Investments

Virtual Bizarreness

Blasts from the Past

Recommended Life-Forms

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