I have a new website as of late 2012. The Nine Winds, at terrymcgarry.com, has updated links, current b(ibl)iographical info, exclusive fiction, an active blog, and all kinds of new content, with most of the content here gradually making its way over there as well.

Some online environments I frequent, and some places I'll be in the real world. This page long overdue for overhaul. For loads of otherlinks, go to The Transdimensional Duct.


Rub here and see what pops out of the bottle!] You'll find the best in speculative-fiction discussion on the Internet here--well-known authors, knowledgeable readers, active fans, and an intelligent, friendly milieu. Set your newsreader for news.sff.net (Free Agent works well), use the Web portal to my newsgroup as a jumping-off point, or drop into chat and say hi. If you like what you find and the people you meet, look into the extras that membership offers.

[SF Lit] DelphiForums' SF Literature Forum has a literate and intelligent message board and a long-running Wednesday-night chat.

[The Con Suite] Roc*Kon was wonderful, and there are pictures here. (There are also ConJose pictures, and ConJose was also wonderful.) Upcoming conventions I'll be attending include Albacon, World Fantasy, and I-Con, with lots of tentatives in the pipeline. The octopus should return with the revision of this page.

Do not close your browser without looking at the Astronomy Picture of the Day.

And, last but not least, there's Greyware, run by deity Jeffry Dwight. Greyware Automation Products has terrific shareware and freeware on offer, and more.

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