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Imprinting coverMy chapbook collection Imprinting is available now from Anamnesis Press. (You can also get it from Amazon, although I can no longer keep track of the special-surcharge situation.) There's a nice review at SF Site, and Steve Sawicki gave it a lovely review in Scavenger's, which I'll include below soon. There are twenty poems in the chapbook, most originally published in various magazines (Asimov's, Aboriginal, Star*Line, 2AM, The Mage), some previously unpublished. Several were award winners or runners-up. The theme is the generations, and how we're imprinted by our forebears; the subject matter ranges from interstellar exploration and first contact to the contemporary and personal. There are a couple of humor pieces, a couple of horror pieces, a couple of confessional pieces.

Here are three of the sfnal ones----->



Do Not Disturb


With great sadness, I learned right before Christmas that the poet and editor Keith Allen Daniels had died, of cancer, at the age of 45. He was a charming, delightful man, and a great supporter of genre poetry, through his publishing efforts, his own wonderful writing, and his enthusiasm. He will be deeply missed.

I have a new poem, "Silicon Amnesia," in The Magazine of Speculative Poetry. Written with memories of the Claddagh Quay in Galway in mind . . . and the theories of Hans Moravec.

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Some nice words:
"As McGarry's piece shows, traditional sf scenarios are frequently met in poetry."
--Mark R. Kelly in Locus, regarding "Do Not Disturb."
"And a large wave of fresh poets promises all the right stuff for the 1990s--people like Denise Dumars, Michael R. Collings, W. Gregory Stewart, David Kopaska-Merkel, t. (not T.) Winter-Damon, Ann K. Schwader, Roger Dutcher, Wendy Rathbone, Tom Wiloch, Terry McGarry, Sandra Lindow, Tony Daniel and Wayne Allen Sallee."
--Robert Frazier in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, edited by John Clute and Peter Nicholls (St. Martin's Press).
"Her poetry collected here has a cosmic voice. Most of [the poems] give me the feeling that she's peering forward and out, seeking inspiration from whatever well it is that spawns speculation."
--S. Kay Elmore, SF Site review of Imprinting.

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