Recommended Life-Forms

The Senders, Wild Bill Thompson's band, a legend of R&B.

Clashing Headstocks, Bob Stacy's (and Dave Ryan's and Sean Votier's and Bill Fedorko's and not Steve Morse's) band.

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Bat Conservation International: Bats are among the most harmless and beneficial of life-forms--highly recommended. (They're also cute, very social, and neither drink your blood, give you rabies, nor get tangled in your hair.)

Kurt Roth, the man who is not a cult, the man who is ... UltraRoid.

Terry Kanago: Diary of a Mad Housewife.

Diana Rowland. Has a black belt. A math degree. Can handle a gun. Knows the ins and outs of casinos. Lives with a hunk named Zeus. She is too cool.

Pat Fogarty, God of Chat, man of many knives, most of them sharp.

James Bailey, the Infomeister.

Tom Powers, excellent friend and dispenser of fuzzy critters.

Fiona Avery: Archaeology, history, B5, Japan, you name it. Fiona rewls.

Christy Hardin Smith: Dachshunds, redheads, and the law...this sounds scurrilous.

Ian Grey: Voyeur extraordinaire. He moved, and apparently so did his Web site. And his publisher's Web site. And the movie sites that sported his excellent cranky rants. But you can still check out his book Sex, Stupidity and Greed.

Robert E. Rogoff, a human being who lives in the Northern Hemisphere of the planet Earth. Also see Rogoff Communications.

Vera Nazarian: Possibly the nicest person I've ever met online and then met in person only to find out she was just as nice. Also the Goddess of Chat. Also a fine writer. No sushi!!

Kelly Latter, aka Eme, whose sense of adventure puts mine to shame.

Gordie Meyer, the only person I know who could have thought up a name like Wunzenzierohs Publishing. Lorna Lives!

Meryl Yourish: A Web journal. Brilliant essays with attitude.

Janet Eaton: Possibly the nicest person I've ever met online, Janet runs Delphi's Dr. Who chat on Saturday nights, and helps manage the Delphi Trek Forum.

Austin Dridge: Books, computers, library science, pulp magazines, and more cannot currently be found at this site. That's because I'm maintaining the page, and Austin and I haven't worked out precisely what to put up there. But check it out anyway. There is a neat iceberg.

Andy and Zak: Damn, lost the link! Must get it back. Need ham radio and extremely cute critter.

MaryAnn Johanson: The Flick Filosopher. Film musings, updated every Monday.

James Van Pelt, a prolific writer and great guy.

Janni Simner: Former professor in the Department of Parareality, writer of wonderful books.

Alan Rodgers: The boy who came back from the dead plays a few riffs of bone music, setting the night on fire and opening a Pandora's box. You can even jam with him.

Dave Nickle: Someone it would be best not to meet in a root cellar.

Kenneth Von Gunden: Talking K9s, postmodern auteurs, and the amazing size-changing caricature.

Daniel Pinkwater: Chicken emergencies, avocados of death, afterlife diets, and more.

Dan Persons: Films, anime, Ren & Stimpy...and a set of very twisted links. Dan is the editor of Cinefantastique. Also a writer of excellent fiction. Partial to brain-torquing roller coasters.

Dr. Graham P. Collins: Physics, New Zealand, arugula, and a really great rant. You can join the wild rumpus in Kiwi's SFF Net newsgroup.

Steven desJardins: Steven's recently been doing a wonderful Web journal. You can also post to Steven's thought-provoking SFF Net newsgroup.

Roger Dutcher, a brilliant SF poet and the editor of The Magazine of Speculative Poetry.

Becky Maines: At work, in the air, in love...

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