I have a new website as of late 2012. The Nine Winds, at terrymcgarry.com, has updated links, current b(ibl)iographical info, exclusive fiction, an active blog, and all kinds of new content, with most of the content here gradually making its way over there as well.

Online Fiction by Terry McGarry (banner)

Stories on the local site

"The Best Little Worldcon In...": What if a joke bid, to host a Worldcon in the red-light district of a Mexican town, won? Attending membership to Conmigo included.

"Taibhse": From the Spring 1996 issue of Terminal Fright. A lonely Irish expatriate confronts some very old, strange hauntings late at night in the bar where he works. This story was on the preliminary Stoker ballot. (Reviews)


Stories on other Web sites

At Fictionwise:
A contemporary dark fantasy about power and identity. (59 cents.)

"A Girl in Every Universe":
An alternative-worlds romp in which an archivist from a university universe and her double--an editor from a publishing universe--join forces against an interdimensional mob. (79 cents.)

"For Fear of Little Men":
A science-fiction fable about Ireland several generations after a nuclear war. (59 cents.)

"Red Heart":
A short deal-with-the-devil story with a twist involving an endangered species of Madagascar prosimian. (49 cents.)

A first-contact science-fiction story about music, communication, compassion, and healing. (59 cents.)

"Spell Check":
Magic green pencils, and how they fix more than just the typos in the manuscripts one copyeditor works on. (59 cents.)

Radical fundamentalist Christianity has taken over the U.S., which is now locked in an unending war with radical fundamentalist Islam. A novelette about the consequences to one young woman's life. ($1.25.)

"The Child Ephemeral":
A novelette about the end of civilization and a little girl raised inside a virtual reality. ($1.59.)

"Victor Lynch the Forger":
Melancholia, old Irish animosities, and beautiful illuminated manuscripts abound in this Sherlock Holmes story told as if by Theodore Dreiser trying very hard--and failing--to write like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. (89 cents.)

"The Case of the Ancient British Barrow":
A Sherlock Holmes story too shocking for Watson to tell during his lifetime--and perhaps too controversial even now. (85 cents.)

At the DNA Publications Website:
"Halfen House":
There are surprising perils in adopting strays. You never know what you might be bringing home....

In Elysian Fiction:
In the premier issue of Elysian Fiction. A gentle tale with an unexpected bite, about clear vision and enduring love.

Elysian Fiction is currently undergoing reorganization (late 2004), but I'm leaving the link here for now.

At Mind's Eye:

"The Only Gift a Portion of Thyself":
A virtual love affair between a human and a sentient guardian of humankind.

At Mind's Eye, the first part of the story is free, and the second is free with banner ads, or available without ads for a nominal fee (60 cents in the case of this story).



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