STR 0 COR 2 DEF 3 SPD 1 WIS 3 HP 46 CAP 7
Card Points Starting 21 / Current 74 RP points Used 1020 / Unspent 0

Ashiya is my first DragonStorm character, and she is a Guild character, so people may see her show up in Guild games at conventions.

Card(s) Description
The following cards make up the core of the character. Barring special circumstances, like working off the two Flaws, they cannot be changed. However, working off the Flaws are not in the game plan at present.
Character: Human Dragon (R42) This is the best dragon card, which is also why it is a rare card.
Background: Nightwitch (T15)
Night Witch by Robin Wood

A Nightwitch is a sub-class of the Witch character. Nightwitches are more secretive than ordinary witches, and maintain an oral tradition that depends on memorization than reading and writing.
Flaws: Fastidious (U142)
Denial (R137)
Boons are granted by Mentors. Anchors can be added by paying character points. Both are permanent for the character, so they cannot be changed once bought. They have the advantage in that they also cannot be drained by a necromancer's Fatigue spell.
Anchors: Valerian Champion (C85)
Cat's Eye (T12)
Channel Link (R82)
Boons: Bind Wounds (R55)
Charm (U27)
Health (S1-10)
Stealth (U24)
All other cards are changeable in between adventures, although the following are a good example of how Ashiya operates.
Universal: Disguise (T18)
Draconic Lore (R54)
Hide in Cover (C138)
Listen (C66)
Persuasion (C67)
See the Hidden (U4)
Silent Movement (C69)
Treat Poison (R57)
Human: Rumormonger (U42)
Valerian: Deflection (C50)
Meditative Rest (T32)
Mind Into Magic(S1-8)
Mind over Magic (C135)
Sense Lies (U136)
Sense Shape Shifter (T14)
Channel: Share the Pain (S1-11)
Channel Healing (T30)
Witch Spells: (4) Fear (R74)
(3) Healing Bolt (U49)

Items are anything the character carries around or buys.

  • Items:


    Ashiya is of average heigth and weight, nothing really remarkable about her at all.

    Until you notice her eyes. Her eyes are pale grey, almost the color of forged steel or the color of the moon. They're eyes that have seen hell, and have taken away a little part of it with them.

    She has dark, spiky, almost black hair, cut short into a rough pageboy. She prefers clothing in greys and blacks, the better to disappear into the darkness.


    Ashiya is very quiet and aloof, which only seems to add to her charm. She is deliberately mysterious, saying nothing of her past, and secretly delights in being able to surprise her companions with demonstrating her unsuspected abilities.

    If her history had not taken the terrible turn for the worst, she would likely have become a bard like her father.

    Character History:

    Ashiya is the daughter of two shapeshifters, Vernick and Sharr, a priest and priestess of Elethay. Ashiya prayed every night to Elethay that she would grow up and become a dragon shapeshifter like her older brother Dominick and her older sister Yarrow.

    That was, until the necromancer Yevorth captured the entire family, killing Dominick in the process. Yevorth then drained the life from Vernick, Sharr, and Yarrow, and when they were dead, turned to Ashiya and patted her on the head with his hand still sticky from her family's blood, and said "When you change, you're next." Yevorth loved his little jokes.

    For the next three years, Ashiya prayed to Elethay that she not become a dragon. Those years she spent in the dungeon under Yevorth's stronghold, killing the rats with her hands or with a rock to supplement the meager meals she was fed. She gained a strong distaste for dirt from those filthy dungeons.

    Ashiya was rescued when a group of Valerians managed to drive Yevorth out of his stronghold. Ashiya was taken to be tutored as a nightwitch by one of the Valerians.


    Ashiya is not a front line fighter. That is all right, as the regular group she associates with has another dragon character who charges into battle in Greater Dragon form. Ashiya prefers to stay in the background, hiding, and to use her Healing Bolts and Fear spells, not to mention her Valarian Deflection and Channel Share the Pain to assist the battle.

    This strategy helped in deadlocking a major necromancer, Ramshead, when he ambushed the group and tried to teleport away with the unconscious dragon. But every time he had the dragon unconscious, another Healing Bolt provided the needed energy to restore him to full consciousness. Finally, after Ramshead had used all of his spells, had recharged them, and had used them all up again, he decided it wasn't worth the effort and teleported away, empty handed.

    Instead, Ashiya is the group's intelligence and undercover expert. Since she is a Nightwitch, she has exceptional stealth abilities at night, which are only strengthened by the Stealth Anchor. She also needs the Perception Anchor, because knowledge is power for her. Another associated Anchor in her future is Thievery, but I want to give her Wizardry first, and for that she needs the Read and Write Anchor.

    She's also the expert at charm and persuasion, in getting information from people and spreading mis-information. (The combination of a Persuasion and Rumormongering card and the Charm Anchor put a severe crimp into the activity of a suspected necromancer who had taken residence in a royal palace, and who had wierdlings for servants. All it took was a casual comment associating wierdlings and things missing, and by morning the whole palace was suspecting the wierdlings of being thieves and pests.)

    She is also approaching the time when she will be eligible for another Boon. I'm debating between Kasalorn's Gift, which adds +1 to Speed, and Rhianon's Training, which add +1 to Strength and +1 to Capacity. Its a decision whether to get a little boost in rolling initiative or being able to carry around more stuff.

    Since she does have the Health Anchor, getting Kijon's Health (+8 to HP) or Masokian Meditiation (+4 to HP) is not as advantageous at present, and Arion's Course (+1 Defense) is not really worth the effort at this time.

    This character is copyright © 1998 Terry O'Brien. Permission is given to copy and use them for personal use, but not for professional or profit-making use without my prior, informed and written consent.

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