Morgana Black

Character Artwork

"Look into my eyes ..."
A recent acquisition, this will be the basis for Morgana's new advertisments.
Artist: Scott Rosema
"Look into my eyes..."
Original artwork for Morgana's current advertising poster.
['Look Into My Eyes']
Artist: Tom Artis
More of his vampire ladies can be found in the Crimson Embrace graphic art collections from SQP.
The following picture entitled "Mesmer's Mistress" is a portrait of Morgana done several years ago by a Toreador artist.
[Mesmer's Mistress]
Another piece from artist Tom Artis.
Morgana wore this gown at a Costume Ball to honor Prince Lodin's reign. As part of the festivities she sat for this portrait.
Artist: Tom Artis
Advertising artwork for Morgana's act in the 50's in Los Angeles.
[Nothing up my sleeves, nor any sleeves...]
Artist: Diana Harlan Stein
The following sketch is of Morgana's stage costume. It was to be the basis for an advertising poster for Morgana's act, but she wanted a full facial view, so it was never used.
[Morgana Black's stage costume]
This is the last thing Morgana's subjects see as they gaze into her spellbinding eyes before they surrender to her hypnotic spell. This piece of artwork was stylistically more along the lines of the advertising art she wanted than the previous piece, even if she did have to mesmerize the artist to get the effect she wanted, but the execution left something to be desired.
['You are getting very sleepy...']

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