Recent Changes

Since Brigid first appeared in the campaign, she has undergone several changes.

Some of the less major changes included the discovery of Brigid's father as the Seelie King of Faerie and the announcement that Fiona was Brigid's mother.

But the most prominent change was due to the transformation of the campaign. Because of a long-standing prophecy, the reality of Amber was threatened with destruction, and only seven would be able to challenge that destruction. Well, one afternoon, the other players managed to discover the source of the threat, confronted it, and, even though all of reality was destroyed, it was also recreated. With quite a number of significant changes.

Brigid was not one of the seven. I wasn't present when the other players saved reality, so Brigid wasn't involved. She was off in Faerie, where she and the other monarchs of Faerie decided to save what they could of the Faerie Realm by merging it with the restored reality. All it would take was someone of Faerie and Amber blood to carry all of the Faerie Realm to where reality was being restored. Since Brigid's cousin Ombra was one of the Seven, it was left up to Brigid.

However, to do this she had to kill her father and the other monarchs. It was not something she really was expecting, or wanted to do, but she eventually accepted it. Then, carrying all that was Faerie, she went to the place where two other characters were holding enough of reality to enable it to be recreated. It was a vortex of magick, Trump, and everything else. And the only thing that Brigid could think of was to dive herself into that vortex, so she transformed into her true Faerie form of a phoenix, and dove into the vortex.

And then everything changed. History changed, except the Seven and Brigid are the only ones who know the true history. (Except for Faerie, but it doesn't matter to them.) Oberon is King again, Random and Vialle rule Tir, and most everyone that was dead in the family are now alive. And because Brigid brought all of Faerie with her, all of the other realities that also were tied to Faerie were also included when reality was remade. So, there is no more Diamond or Ruby or any of the other alternate Pattern realms.

For her role in the war, Brigid was named Princess of Amber and Peer of the Realm. In absentia, because going through Faerie delayed her about 200 years. She got the nickname of 'the missing Princess' after a while.

So the campaign has begun again. Brigid is now trying to fit in to a new realm that she doesn't know, plus come to terms with her Faerie heritage. Its still interesting.

Brigid's Character

Physical Description: Brigid is a tallish (5' 9" - 5' 10"), slender (150 lbs. but doesn't look it), fair-skinned redhead with enchanting emerald green eyes. Her tall, slender build, triangular face, slightly-slanted eyes, and slightly-pointed ears all manifestly proclaim her Faerie heritage. Her firey red hair crowns her head and spills in waves down past her shoulders, a display of all possible shades of red, from a deep, coppery shade to a brilliant firey red, all overlaid with brilliant golden highlights. Her eyes are a deep emerald green that glow with her magick.

Brigid is likely one of the tallest women in Amber, with only Dierdre being noticeably taller.

Brigid's Trump

Trump Description: Her Trump depicts her hanging against a dark, starry background. She faces the viewer in mid-leap to the viewer's right: her body is slightly turned to her left and her left leg is drawn up underneath her as she pushes off with her right. She is wearing a sleeveless black leather jacket, open and hanging loose; a cut-off black T-shirt with her band's logo of the butterfly and sword and the words "The Fey"; black leather pants; and short, floppy-topped black high-heeled boots. Her left hand and arm is thrust out protectively before her and she wears an gold ornate armband high on her upper arm and several bracelets and bangles on her wrist: the fingers of that hand are spread wide, covered by a long black leather glove that leaves the thumb bare. Her right arm is pulled back, and a sparkling stream of green light flows down from an aurora about her head to wind around her arm and collect in her bare hand: more bangles, bracelets and armbands adorn this arm. There is also a large silver chain hanging from her waist that matches the chains on her boots, and a long thin blue scarf tied around her right leg above her knee. She is wearing a transparent protective visor across her eyes: this is actually a set of IR and UV goggles and flash defense. (This is actually a publicity picture from her superhero and rock-star days, but it so captured her nature that it was used as the basis of her Trump.)

Parents: Brigid's father has many names, but the one he is known under now is Galahad, King-Consort of Faerie. Brigid's mother is Princess Fiona of Amber.

Siblings: Brigid has several half-brothers and half-sisters on her father's side of her family, but has yet to meet any of them for any significant length of time: she does not believe that there are any full siblings. She has a number of half-brothers and half-sisters from her mother's side, as well, including her god-daughter Victoria, whom she gifted with a Faerie gifting at birth.

Titles: Brigid has been recognized by King Oberon as a Princess of Amber and a Peer of the Realm. She is also by birthright the Crown Princess of the Bright Throne of Faerie.

Hair & Eye Color: Deep, coppery red hair with golden highlights, enchanting green eyes.

Colors: Black, Gold, Green, Silver

Symbol: Brigid's personal symbol is a Monarch butterfly in black and gold, wings outstretched, over a naked, erect swordblade. Her daughters presently wear a similar symbol, but with two crossed swordblades.

Husband: None

Children: Brigid has recently brought to Amber her twin daughters, Rowan and Rhiannon. She has not stated who their father was, and all three do not discuss the subject. Her daughters strongly resemble her, although there are a few differences: their hair is lighter, for instance, and much curlier.

Style of Clothing: Brigid's favorite garb is a loose pirate blouse of black silk, almost-immodestly open down the front, with full ruffled sleeves, and matching black trousers and high black boots. A gold sash is tied around her waist. The contrast of the dark clothing with her fair skin and firey red hair is quite striking.

Brigid's Ball Gown

For formal occassions, Brigid is partial to sweeping gowns of emerald green (that match her eyes) and shimmering silver. She is well aware that she is one of the beauties of her generation, and takes some pride in that, although she doesn't seek to take advantage of it.

Brigid wears a variety of gold and silver rings, armbands, bangles, and bracelets. Most commonly visible is the large emerald ring on the third finger of her right hand and the gold charm bracelet on her right wrist, and a silver ring in the form of a gryphon clutching a deep violet gem is on the little finger of her left hand. A clasp made of a silver rose holds her hair back over her right ear.

Hobbies: Brigid has a very well trained voice and enjoys making music, particularly rock & roll music. She can play several stringed instruments as well, including several varieties of guitar and the violin. She also maintains an interest in the martial arts and practices daily to improve them. She manifests a tremendous love of reading, particularly tales of Faerie and legends, and will spend many hours happily reading.

Servants: Brigid has only one personal servant, a young woman named Francesca, who helps keep Brigid's personal belongings in order, particularly since Florimel started 'loaning' gowns and dresses and jewelry to Brigid.

Holdings and Economic Interests: None at present: Brigid is still getting accustomed to life in Amber and the perquisites of being of royal blood. The only trade she regularly becomes involved with is in taking the musical instruments that Roland's people create to her Shadow Earth to trade for the metal tools they need to fashion these instruments.

For a tour of Brigid's quarters, press here.

Brigid's Abilities

Known Attributes: She has a strong will and expertise beyond her years in mental manipulations, from her years as a superheroine on her Shadow. She has also spent many hours and years learning the martial arts: her favored weapon is a bo staff.

Known Powers: Anyone with the power to do so can detect that Brigid has walked the Pattern. She is also known to be a Faerie shapeshifter and has shown significant abilities in several sorcerous fields, having an almost intuitive understanding of magick; both are part of her Faerie heritage. Her magickal signature is a hazy phosphorescent green lightning effect that appears like a aurora about her head and flickers omminously in the depths of her eyes.

Known Aritfacts: If Brigid owns or carries any artifacts, their existence is not public knowledge.

Known Shadows: Brigid maintains an interest in the Shadow Earth where she grew up, and where her daughters were fostered, a Shadow close to Florimel and Corwin's Shadow Earth.

Allies/Manipulators: While not formally allied to any faction, she enjoys the friendship of her cousin / uncle Prince Ombra because of their unique, shared heritage; and Princess Lesha, because of their shared interests and abilities. She can also sometimes rely on the assistance and advice of Fiona: Brigid (and her cousin Ombra) were named as godparents to Fiona's daughter Victoria. (Since both Brigid and Ombra are of Faerie blood, Victoria has both a fairy godmother and a fairy godfather.)

Enemies: None known at this time. Brigid has not really been in Amber long enough to develop any enemies, nor does it seem likely in the near future.

Brigid's Past (as known by the general public)

Brigid spent the first thirty years of her life on a Shadow Earth close to Florimel and Corwin's own. This Shadow, however, manifested beings of great power, superheroes. Brigid, because of her Amber blood, became one of the most powerful superheroes in the world during her ten-year career.

Brigid was discovered by Kei (Heavy Metal) in her Shadow Earth, when she unconsciously manifested a nascent Pattern ability in response to his own. He brought her to Amber and introduced her to the court. Tristan examined her blood and discovered that she shared a Faerie heritage with Prince Ombra, which was more than she knew to that point. It was only later that she discovered that her father, whose image she finally remembered while walking the Pattern, was the brother to Ombra's mother.

The first few days after Brigid arrived in Amber were busy ones. Besides exploring the castle and making the acquaintance of the society of cats inside the castle, she was called upon by that same society to help defend the castle against an invasion of rats, led by the rat-king Twisted Tail. Press here to read her summary of that conflict to Random.

Fiona tutored Brigid in sorcery and the Pattern, and witnessed the first time Brigid walked the Pattern. When walking the Pattern caused Brigid to remember her father's face and voice, she used the power of the Pattern to send her to him, only to discover that her father was in Faerie, and the Pattern has no power there. She was met at the entrance to Faerie by a cousin, who advised her that entering Faerie always had its price, most usually time. It was a sacrifice that Brigid was unwilling to make at that time, and she returned to Amber.

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