Lady Brigid Summerborn

Lady Brigid's Character

Trump Description: Brigid is a tallish (5' 9" - 5' 10"), slender (150 lbs. but doesn't look it), fair-skinned redhead with enchanting green eyes. Her tall, slender build, triangular face, slightly-slanted eyes, and slightly-pointed ears all manifestly proclaim her Faerie heritage. Her hair is a firey display of deep, coppery red with brilliant golden highlights that crowns her head and spills in waves down past her shoulders, and her eyes are a deep emerald green that glow with her magick.

Her Trump depicts her wearing her characteristic Faerie chain mail armor and helmet, so fine as to be mistaken for silvery cloth. Her hair spills out from underneath her helm and covers her shoulders, partially obscuring the green cloak she wears, clasped at her throat with a pin of a silver unicorn. Her shield depicts the same unicorn as would appear on the back of an Amber Trump: white, on a green field, rampant. She stands resolute behind the shield, hands resting on her sword. She stares challengingly at the viewer, but there is a curious glimmer of mischief in her eyes.

Parents: Brigid's father was a lord of Faerie, the lands to the East of the Fields of the Summerborn: her mother is Princess Fiona the Wise.

Siblings: None.

Titles: Brigid has been recognized by King Eric as Knight of the Unicorn and a squire to Prince Julian the Just. She is also a Guardian of the Forest of Arden and a Warder of the Land of the Summerborn.

Hair & Eye Color: Deep, coppery red hair with golden highlights, enchanting green eyes.

Colors: White, Green, Silver

Symbol: Brigid's personal symbol is a rearing unicorn over two naked, crossed swordblades. She took this symbol after being named a Knight of the Unicorn.

Husband: None

Children: None.

Style of Clothing: Brigid's favorite garb, when not in armor, is a loose pirate blouse of white silk, with full ruffled sleeves, and matching white trousers and high white boots. A silver sash is tied around her waist, the informal symbol of the Order of the Knights of the Unicorn.

For formal occassions, Brigid is partial to low-cut sweeping gowns of emerald green (that match her eyes) and shimmering silver. She is well aware that because of her Faerie heritage she is one of the beauties of her generation, and takes some pride in that, although she doesn't seek to take advantage of it.

Brigid wears a variety of gold and silver rings, armbands, bangles, and bracelets. Most commonly visible is the gold torc she wears, a gift from her father.

Hobbies: Brigid has a very well trained voice and enjoys making music. She can play several stringed instruments as well, including several varieties of guitar and the violin. She also maintains an interest in the martial arts and practices daily to improve them. She manifests a tremendous love of reading, particularly tales of Faerie and legends, and will spend many hours happily reading.

Servants: None.

Holdings and Economic Interests: None.

Brigid's Abilities

Known Attributes: None outstanding.

Known Powers: Anyone with the power to do so can detect that Brigid has walked the Pattern of Pearl. She is also known to be a shapeshifter and has shown significant abilities in several sorcerous fields, having an almost intuitive understanding of magick; both are part of her Faerie heritage. Her magickal signature is a hazy phosphorescent green lightning effect that appears like a aurora about her head and flickers omminously in the depths of her eyes.

Known Aritfacts: If Brigid owns or carries any artifacts, their existence is not public knowledge.

Known Shadows: None.

Allies/Manipulators: None.

Enemies: None known at this time.

Brigid's Past (as known by the general public)

Lady Brigid Summerborn is the daughter of Princess Fiona the Wise and a Lord of Faerie. She has had a blessed upbringing, being tutored the arts arcane by her mother, and in her shapeshifting skills by her father. However, when she became recognized as an adult, she declared she would become a Knight of the Unicorn, and she became the page of her uncle, Prince Julian the Just.

Lady Brigid, as his page, was tutored in many practical arts, including the martial arts, by Prince Julian himself as befits a scion of the Blood of Pearl, and she became his squire during the first battles of the Patternfall War, and was knighted soon after into the prestigious order of the Knights of the Unicorn. When Prince Julian the Just left for the final battle of that War, he left Arden Forest in her care.

When the seven Patterns were shattered and began to merge, she led what few of Julian's Rangers to relative safety at the foot of Kolvir, then began investigating the changes made to Pearl because of the shattering.

She is apprehensive with the revelations she has discovered, as she has been taught that only a shapeshifter can walk the Logrus, and she may be the only shapeshifter among the survivors.

As can be imagined, this is an adaptation of my regular Chicago Amber game character, from much earlier in her development.

This character was created for a campaign at Ambercon. Seven jewel Patterns, including Amber, were shattered, and the remains brought together to create a new Logrus. The game was continued at the next Ambercon, where Brigid was able to meet Dworkin (all seven of him, combined into a Serpent of Chaos) who explained the events and made a few disturbing predictions.

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