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These characters are copyright © 1993-1998 Terry O'Brien. Permission is given to copy and use them for personal use, but not for professional or profit-making use without my prior, informed and written consent. I am also available (pending schedule) to create characters of the following game systems on demand: E-mail me at Terry O'Brien for further details.

Dragonstorm Characters

I've just started getting into Dragonstorm, which is a collectable card game that is also a roleplaying game. (Knowing the artist and designer from my years collecting SF art and working SF art shows helps.)

For convenience, I have separated out the characters into a separate page, here.

Storyteller Characters

Storyteller, Vampire: the Masquerade, Mage: the Ascension, Changeling: the Dreaming, and World of Darkness are all trademarks of White Wolf Game Studios.

Vampire: the Masquerade

[Vampire: the Masquerade]

These characters were part of the "Halloween Moon" scenario I have run in the past (and may run in the future). I also have run Morgana in an online game. Samantha was to have been my character in a campaign that never got off the ground because no one else showed up for it.

Mage: the Ascension

[Mage: the Ascension]

The following characters are being designed for a future GenCon scenario. I am also looking for a Mage game, so that I can play either Felicia Hardesty or Robert Andrasak, my two favorite characters of this group.

Changeling: the Dreaming

[Changeling: the Dreaming]

Others in the World of Darkness


My own characters

The following characters were my own in the last campaign I was a part of.

The characters from the Avatars GenCon event

This event centered around what I called "starseeds", tiny singularities that gave whoever possessed one superhuman powers. They gravitated towards people with dreams, which tended to eliminate outright criminal uses of the powers. The players initially didn't know what powers they possessed until they actually began using them, and were encouraged to come up with their own names. About 10000 of these "starseeds" were released on Earth by powers unknown. The event was named for the central character, Avatar, who was a teleporter from the future, trying to establish her own idyllic future by showing the characters the alternate futures and who would be responsible for causing such a future to come into being. I had considered continuing the campaign the following year but eventually decided against it because I was becoming more interested in other game systems.

These are the development names I assigned to the characters, their powers, and their real-life professions.

Other characters

Many of these characters were used in many of my GenCon and other convention scenarios. Adaptations were used in one of my friend Rex's Street Scum games as the other villains. Together they were to be part of a proposal for a sourcebook of heroes to Hero, but I never finished it because of a lack of time and interest.


[Amber Diceless RolePlaying]

My own characters

Trumps Wild scenario characters

Trumps Wild is a scenario I have run at GenCon and Ambercon: it involves a fourth Pattern of Fire, to complete the Elemental Patterns of Earth (Castle Amber), Water (Rebma), and Air (Tir-na N'ogth) that surround the Primal Pattern in a tetrahedron. The players had to locate the fourth Pattern in the Grove of the Unicorn and unite all four Patterns and the Primal Pattern, which would allow Dworkin to use the power to contain a creature of the Abyss that fed on reality: their keys were Trumps of the Aces of the particular suits related to the four elements: Pentacles to Earth, Cups to Water, Swords to Air and Wands to Fire. Plus the final Pattern had to be defended against a mistaken priest of the Unicorn who thought the whole affair was a desecration of a sacred sighting of the Unicorn: the priest was a fanatical son of Dalt.


Castle Falkenstein

Over the Edge



The Whispering Vault

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