Damarian's Character

Trump Description: Damarian is sitting on a bench, left leg crossed over the right at the knee, playing his harp but not actively concentrating at it. He is tallish, about 5' 11", but slender. He has shoulder length straight red hair of a deep, coppery hue with some golden highlights, and green eyes that seem both mischevious and furitive. His skin is the same alabaster hue as his mother, Fiona, and face is finely chisled, with just enough hard edge to keep his features from being "pretty". His clothes are a light green color, and loose: a tunic with billowing sleeves, and loose trousers tucked into black boots. His hands are long and slender and surprisingly delicate. The harp itself is a Celtic harp, with a golden wood frame: a large blue jewel is set on the headpiece. A jeweled dagger hangs from his belt, and another is tucked into his right boot. The bench is white marble, and it set into a simple alcove of the same material, vine covered: the vines are green and flowering with pale white and pink flowers.

Parents: Damarian's mother is Princess Fiona. He has never discovered who his father was, nor particularly cares to know.

Siblings: None.

Titles: Lord Prince Damarian, Adjutant of His Majesty's Privvy Chamber, Disciple of the Unicorn Chapel, Assistant Overlord to the Key Master of Amber

Hair & Eye Color: Deep, coppery red hair, green eyes.

Colors: Green and gold

Symbol: Damarian's personal symbol is a Celtic harp.

Wife: None

Children: None.

Style of Clothing: Loose, preferably in green.

Hobbies: Damarian's hobby (almost a profession) is the avoidance of his mother and anything resembling responsibility. Damarian also has a classicly trained tenor voice and enjoys making music. He can play several stringed instruments, including several varieties of harp. He is also skilled in many and diverse arts from his many years running with the Gypsies, one of the many pursuits he undertook in avoiding his duties in Amber, and he likes to practice them on occassion.

Servants: None.

Holdings and Economic Interests: None.

Damarian's Abilities

Known Attributes: He is a redhead, so is suspected to have stronger psychic ability than most everyone else. He also surprised everyone (well, at least Bronwyn) by regenerating much faster than expected from jumping through Brand's flaming body twice.

Known Powers: He is known to have walked the Pattern, and probably has advanced studies and abilities than the average Pattern walker. He has also walked Harlan's Pattern (the only person other than Harlan to have done so.)

Known Aritfacts: Damarian carries (when he gets the chance to do so) a harp that will play in the presense of danger.

Known Shadows: Damarian has moderate control over the Shadow of his birth, a Shadow where women rule through psychic powers and men are slaves. How they can tolerate Damarian is difficult to understand except that he is Fiona's son.

Allies/Manipulators: Allies: Bronwyn (mostly), Eleanor, Kelcey, Kayen (sometimes), Godfrey, Harlan (maybe); manipulators: Fiona (always), Bleys (maybe).

Enemies: None known at this time.

Damarian's Past (as known by the general public)

We first met Damarian during the return of Brand known as the Tenticles of the Abyss, when he was dragged into Amber under suspicion of "just because", along with a number of other members of his generation. Just because (and probably only because) his mother was Fiona did it happen. Anyway, he stayed around out of a misplaced sense duty to Amber (which has gotten him into a great deal of trouble: read "Bronwyn's Tales" for more details) yet has managed to survive.

My first Amber character. He's grown a bit since I first created him back in 1985 (has it actually been ten years now?) but he's still essentially the same Damarian, still trying to get out from under his mother's thumb and away from whatever convoluted plot she's got working at the time.

Somewhere around here I have a bunch of writeups I did for Erick's game: they give a slightly different slant on things than "Bronwyn's Tale", sometimes a more accurate one. When I track then down I'll upload them to my Web page.

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