Eric David Martin

Name: Eric David Martin
Archetype: (Plainclothes Cop [it was the closest to the character concept available])

AGL 19
EGO 11
PER 12
CON 16
STR 15
CHA 10

Calculated Attributes
Load Capacity: 15 Kilograms
Movement: 9 meters/5seconds
Actions: Three actions / combat round
Initiative Bonus: +7
Damage Bonus: +4
Damage Capacity: 5 / 4 / 3
Endurance: 110

Rifle (Winchester) 18
Handgun (Ruger Redhawk) 18
Knife 15
Hide 15
Sneak 10
Swim 10
Shadow 10
Weapons Maneuver (Quick Draw-Pistol) 10
First Aid 10
Motor Mechanics 10
Survival 10
Night Combat 10

Code of Honor
Sixth Sense
Nightmares (about the death of his father)
Mental Constriction (Cannot remember what happened to his father, awake)
Mental Compulsion (Denies father's death, sends mail)

Mental Balance: -10
Profession: Bodyguard/assistant/companion to Dierdre O Donnell
Living Standard: 5 (Average)

Description: 5' 11", 188 lbs.; short sandy blond hair; blue eyes; blue jeans, work shirts, motorcycle boots.

Dark Secret: Family Secret (Eric's aunt and uncle Rebecca and Nathan Graham secretly were accomplished sorcerers who trafficed with beings beyond the Veil on a regular basis. Eric's father Samuel was the only one in the area to be independant, primarily through his position as County Sherrif. Eric was endangered until he was able to defend himself; Samuel made sure that Eric was trained early and well.)

Prelude: Eric was about to step into his father's shoes as County Sherrif, after his father's murder by the forces conjured by his uncle Nathan, when Dierdre O'Donnell intervened. She partnered with him to take down his aunt and uncle, forcing them to pay for their life of evil. Then Dierdre offered Eric the opportunity to assist her in helping others, others in the same situation as Eric. He readily agreed, partly to repay Dierdre and partly because he was strongly attracted to this forceful but attractive woman.

Dierdre and Eric travel together; she on her speaking and teaching tours and he as her bodyguard and assistant. She is currently helping him overcome his nightmares through psychology and hypnosis. She is also trying to teach him martial arts; in turn, he is training her his skills of stealth and survival.

Advantages: Eric's Sixth Sense was developed early, primarily as a survival factor against the plots and threats of his aunt and uncle. His Code of Honor and Chivalry were ingrained by Eric's father Samuel's teaching and example; Samuel was one of the few people that Rebecca and Nathan could not influence.

Disadvantages: After Eric left his small town home for good, his mind began to deny the events that drove him to leave his home. He began to deny his father was dead, to the point of frequently mailing letters and post cards back home. This denial resurfaced in his dreams, however, reminding him of reality. To compensate, he began to deny the existance of magic and sorcery, rationalizing away his experiences to date.

Possessions: Winchester 70 XTR rifle with telescopic sight; Ruger Redhawk pistol with side holster; ammunition for both; silver-plated stainless steel Bowie knife; first aid kit; tool kit; clothing; luggage.

Roleplaying Tips: Eric is proud, possessed of a considerable amount of self-confidence in the face of danger, along with a somewhat old-fashioned Southern gallantry. He is protective of his companion Dierdre, which she permits as his skills are better than hers in these situations: this protectiveness extends to anyone endangered. "To Serve and Protect" are words his father taught him to live by.

History: Eric was the second character I created for Kult. I used the Simplified Character Creation System, rolling a D6 for the number of Advantages and DIsadvantages. The Disadvantages were originally unintended but they came together very nicely: I've been complimented many times about them.

Copyright © 1998 Terry O'Brien {dragonmage@sprynet}