Name: Hecate

Body: 5

Constitution: 8
Toughness: 8

Mind: 9

Charisma: 10
Intelligence: 10
Will: 10

Reflexes: 6

Agility: 8
Manual Dexterity: 8


Dodge (Ref:Agl) (AV:12)
Intimidation (Mnd:Cha) (AV:12)
Mystic Scene (Mnd:Int) / (Mnd:Cha) (AV:15)
Nexan (Mnd:Int) (AV:12)
Persuasion (Mnd:Cha) (AV:15)
Sorcery (Mnd:Int) (AV:15)
Stealth (Ref:Agl) (AV:12)
Weapons Skill: Pistol (Ref:Dex) (AV:10)


Acute Sense: Magesight (+3)
Additional Sense: Magesight
Attractive (5)
Death Threshold: x4
Luck 1d3
Magic Resistance (all) (-2)
Magic Resistance (darkness magick) (-3)


Nether Walk
Shadow Walk

Balanced Traits:

Quick Witted


Makes Dramatic Entrances
Encourages a Personal Mystique about Herself

Description: Hecate is a tall Human woman, with glorious mane of shadowy night-black hair and shadowed, night-black eyes. She always dresses in black, wears a large silver pentagram as part of her clothing, and carries as a power focus a short rod or staff that is topped with a human skull.

Tools of the Trade: Power focus wand; small personal holdout pistol; armored suit for missions (all in black, of course); pocket computer (for keeping data on spells, assignments, Nexus points, etc.); Spin Army Knife

History: Through her own meditation and investigation of magickal mysteries, Hecate became a dimensional traveler, even before she had ever heard of Nexus. She roamed a number of parallel universes, building and maintaining her deific status as a goddess of the night's mysteries and sorcery among a large number of worshipers. However, her worship waned as other, more useful and generous gods became more popular. She had grown to like the power such worship gained her, and so eventually came to Deitronics to help rebuild her status.

Deitronics was at first unable to aid her: her darkness- and night-based powers and pride proved difficult to find an untapped market for, until a low ranking marketing rep ran a marketing study among a number of Jackers (nexus runners) were quite supersticious: marketing a dimensional traveler to them as a diety would be relatively easy. However, to build her reputation among such a following, she was assigned to one of the high-level corporate 'action teams', a sort of proving ground for would-be dieties. Since she once had attained such a level herself, she is obnoxiously rude and markedly condescending to the others of the team except when she needs their help. To be fair, none of the team really likes their companions, many seeing each other as potential rivals in the 'God Game'.

As part of her individual marketing, believers receive the power of Magesight for a limited duration. This is bestowed by Hecate herself at a small temple ceremony managed by Dietronics: she accomplishes this by taking the power of belief in her from the followers present and fashioning into a spell (provided by the researchers of Dietronics) that allows the recipient to have the same facility with Magesight as she. For a greater donation, other spells can be cast upon them. They are promising a much cheaper version of the portal investigation and divinitation spells than Stleb, which will place her in competition with it.

History: Hecate is a 200 point character. This puts her in the superheroic category, way above the normal character level. Since her originating image came from a superhero comic, as a secondary character in the Ms. Marvel title, it only seemed appropriate.

Copyright © 1998 Terry O'Brien {dragonmage@sprynet}