Morgaine's Character

Trump Description: Morgaine is more likely to be considered strikingly handsome than beautiful. She is imposingly tall for a woman, broad-shouldered and well built. She has a mass of stormcloud-black hair, artfully streaked with grey from the temples, that streams down to the small of her back, and lambent green eyes that reflect the light. Her face is proud and aristrocratic, with a firm, dimpled chin and high, fly-away eyebrows over her green eyes and prominent cheeckbones. Her skin is dusky-pale, more resembling the moon: the only color is her full, red lips, and her long, red fingernails. Her favorite color of clothing is a dramatic red, usually in silk or satin, sometimes with a golden sash for contrast. For jewelry she wears a large, clear crystal pendant around her neck and sometimes a pin in the shape of a crescent moon. Her voice is a clear contralto, richly modulated and well used to commanding. [The character is based on a beautiful piece of artwork in my collection.]

In her Trump, Morgaine stands on the roof of a tower, her stormcloud mass of black and grey-streaked hair streaming behind her from the wind: in the background, a stormcloud is approaching, walking on legs of lighting. She is staring at the approaching storm, her right hand resting on the battlements before her as the left hand strokes the head of a large cat-like creature kneeling beside her. Her full, red lips, are in a fierce smile of satisfaction and exhaltation. She wears long, flowing red robes, embroidered with gold, that also stream with the wind, and golden sandals than are tied up her legs almost to the knees. Comparing her height to the battlement before her, she appears to be quite tall for a woman, broad-shouldered and well built.

Parents: Not known at this time.

Siblings: None.

Titles: Princess of the Court of Chaos, 87th in line to the Throne of Chaos, Ambassador pro temp of the Courts of Chaos to the Throne of Amber, Enchantress and Sorceress Majere, Immortal Queen of the Shadow of Lorrylliar

Hair & Eye Color: Stormcloud black hair, artfully streaked with grey, and lambent green eyes that shine like a cat's in the light.

Colors: Red and Black

Symbol: A snarling car's head

Husband: None

Children: None

Style of Clothing: Long, loose, flowing gowns and dramatic dresses in deep red.

Hobbies: Self-satisfaction, curiosity.

Servants: Too many to describe in her own Shadow, otherwise none.

Holdings and Economic Interests: None

Morgaine's Abilities

Known Attributes: Morgaine possesses a stronger will than expected among the members of the Courts, and similarly unusual endurance and regenerative powers.

Known Powers: Anyone would guess that given her position that she is at least an initiate of the Logrus, and thus a shapeshifter. She has also demonstrated a fine knowledge of sorcery.

Known Aritfacts: None

Known Shadows: Lorrylliar, a Shadow where Morgaine is treated as Queen and almost Goddess.

Allies/Manipulators: Shaerhoenin, a "king-maker" in the Courts of Chaos (ally), Fiona (ally, possibly)

Enemies: None known but several suepected.

Morgaine's Past (as known by the general public)

Morgaine was largely unknown to the general populace of Amber and the Courts before she made her formal appearance before the Throne of Amber at Amber's Recognition Ball, where several new members of Amber's family were recognized by the Throne. Likewise, she was largely unknown to most of the Courts, except as just another Chaosian in line for the throne, one more in the shifting numbers as families grew and intermarried, lines became intertwined, birthrights shifted, and inheritances changed almost from day to day.

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