Morgana Black

You can do magic, you can have anything that you desire.
Magic, and you know you're the one who can put out the fire.
You know darn well, when you cast your spell, you'll get your way.
When you hypnotize, with your eyes, a heart of stone can turn to clay.
--- America You Can Do Magic

Name: Morgana Black
Clan: Ventrue
Nature: Praise-seeker
Demeanor: Optimist
Generation: 13th
Concept: Stage Magician / Hypnotist

Physical Social Mental
Strength1 Charisma3 Perception3
Dexterity3 Manipulation (persuasive)4 Intelligence3
Stamina2 Appearance (captivating)4 Wits2
Talents Skills Knowledges
Acting1 Escapology3 Occult2
Expression3 Hypnotism3 Psychology3
Intimidation3 Sleight-of-Hand3
Disciplines Backgrounds Virtues
Dominate3 Contacts1 Conscience4
Fame2 Self-Control4
Resources2 Courage3
Merits Flaws Characteristics
Nightclub2 Enemy1 Humanity6
Soothing Voice3 Compulsion1 Willpower7
3 Blood Pool (total/per turn) 10/1

Quote: "Look into my eyes ... deep into my eyes ... deeper and deeper ... now surrender to a deep hypnotic sleep."

Concept: A Ventrue stage magician and hypnotist who is addicted to the `rush' of totally captivating and dominating audiences, both on stage and off.

Description: Morgana stands 5' 4" and weighs 120 lbs. She is slightly below average height, forever having to look upwards at almost everyone, but doing so with a slight secretive smile and knowing mysterious look that leads others to believe she knows their innermost secrets. Heart-achingly beautiful, Morgana possess a heart-shaped face surrounded by curly waves of midnight-black hair flowing back from the widow's peak in the center of her high, broad forehead to the small of her back. Her eyes are also black, with long, fluttering lashes under arching eyebrows. Her lips naturally turn up to her high cheekbones, giving the impression that she is always faintly smiling. She has a strong resemblance to the Thirties movie stars Vivian Leigh and Myrna Loy.

Because of her beauty, Morgana has posed for several pieces of artwork. Also, she has comissioned several pieces of art for her advertising campaigns. all featuring herself, of course. A small sampling of this artwork is found here.

Morgana always dresses to emphasize her beauty; she has long since lost any self-consciousness about it and now seeks to emphasize it at all times. On stage she invariably wears a low-cut sleeveless evening gown made of shimmering midnight-blue silk or satin, with silver stars of varying small sizes sprinkled throughout the fabric. Long black satin gloves cover her hands and arms past her elbows; she invariably removes the gloves during her performance, usually to demonstrate that she is not concealing anything. For jewelry, she wears only a sparkling crystal pendant hanging between her breasts on a silver chain, with matching earrings. She will use the pendant as a cover when hypnotizing anyone who resists being hypnotized by dangling it between her eyes and her subject's and Dominating them to submit to her hypnotic skills, without anyone else noticing. Off stage she prefers to wear simple but expensive evening gowns and jackets in midnight blue with a mixture of silver jewelry set with star sapphires; at least one piece will be capable of being dangled before an unsuspecting subject's eyes.

She is particularly proud of the power of her voice: on stage it is deep and dramatic and very commanding; when not on stage, it is gentle and soft and very persuasive, almost caressing the ears of her listeners. In either case, it has a profound hypnotic power over her subjects.

Prelude: Morgana was Embraced in the late Thirties for her stage contacts by her Ventrue Sire, a stage magician named the Great Gregory: through her, he and the Ventrue have gained control of several local entertainment venues, primarily in the areas of the stage and related entertainment fields. Since then she has expanded her knowledge of both stage magic and real magick to the exclusion of everything else.

Backgrounds: Morgana is known in the trade throughout the region as an excellent stage magician and a well-respected stage hypnotist. This accounts for her Fame and Contacts: she will be recognized by most anyone in the local or regional entertainment business, and knows at least one booking agent in most every major city in the Midwest. She performs regularly at her nightclub, Lydia's, enough to maintain her current standard of living as her Resources.

Merits: She has part-ownership of Lydia's, a nightclub in the theater district of Chicago, which affords her a secure Haven. She also has an unusually resonant and melodious voice, something she has dedicated herself to develop and maintain, one that she uses to great advantage in her hypnotic inductions.

Flaws: She has one enemy, Damian Gentle, another Ventrue who is both disgusted at her expansive and dissipative personality and covetous of the position and power Morgana possesses; he has at times whispered rumors and veiled suggestions throughout the Clan concerning Morgana's un-Clannish ways, and has been listened to on several occasions. Her passion for cleanliness stems from her early childhood and an allergy to dust.

Clan Weakness: As a Ventrue, Morgana is limited in Feeding to a certain, select class of individuals: for her, it is only from the men who are directly under her hypnotic spell, whether it be through her vampiric discipline of Domination (second and third levels only) or her skill at hypnotism.

Possessions: Midnight blue evening gown and matching jacket; high-heeled shoes; silver and sapphire jewelry; small purse with various odds and ends; a couple of simple but impressive-looking sleight-of-hand magic tricks; address book.

Roleplaying Tips: Alternate speaking boldly and decisively with acting coy and charming. Morgana works through persuasion as much as pressure to maintain her status and further her desires. She will expect to lead when possible by force of will or persuasion as necessary.

History: Morgana was the first character I created for V:tM. I found the idea of a vampire stage magician and hypnotist, well, fascinating. Since this was my first attempt at creating a character I made a few mistakes in the points, but I liked the character so well, and it fit so well with the character concept, that I didn't bother fixing them.

Copyright © 1998 Terry O'Brien {dragonmage@sprynet}