Lady Dierdre O'Rourke

Name: Lady Dierdre O'Rourke
Dramatic Character Type: Clever Heroine (Wizard)
Grand Passion: Uphold the Law and Provide Comfort to the Downtrodden and Lesser Classes
Nemesis: Lord Anthony O'Rourke, Scoundrel and Wastrel
Avocational: Oppose the Order of the Golden Dawn wherever their Evil Schemes Arise
Professional: Achieve a Rank of Mastery in the Brotherhood
Social: Prevent Lord Anthony from Bringing the Family Name into Discredit from his Dissolute and Dissipative Actions


Charisma (Good)
Comliness (Good)
Connections (Great)
Education (Great)
Exchequer (Great)
Fencing (Poor)
Fisticuffs (Poor)
Marksmanship (Poor)
Perception (Great)
Physician (Good)
Social Graces (Good)
Tinkering (Poor)


Greek (Ancient)

Description: Lady Dierdre is of average height and weight, and quite attractive by the standards of the day. She has dark brown hair, heavy and shining, that would hang down her back if she did not habitually wear it pinned up on her head. She has vigilant dark brown eyes, set in a patrician face.

Order: Illuminated Brotherhood of Bayern

Possessions: Hooded cape of dark green velvet; reticule; locked diary and notebook; surgical kit (which includes, in addition to the expected scalpels and probes, a gas atomizer loaded with chloroform); ornate pocketwatch (with concealed compass and magnifying glass); pen and ink case (with a hidden compartment for an invisible ink pen and reading glasses); seal ring (power focus and hidden Brotherhood symbol, it also contains a concealed policeman's whistle); cameo broach (which hides a tiny lockpicking set.)

Diary: Arcane symbols; experimental spell-knots and notes on previous experiments; astrological and numerlogical charts; notes on Tarot divinations; notes on social figures; appointment book and social calendar; personal addresses; addresses / identities of Brotherhood friends (encrypted).

History: Lady Dierdre is the Only and Beloved Daughter of the late Lord Richard O'Rourke, sister to the late Lord Rupert O'Rourke. Lord O'Rourke was a wealthy landowner in Ireland and was of Sufficient Enlightenment that his Daughter be Fully Emancipated, and so was Educated at Oxford alongside her older brother. Her Sorcerous training, too, she Accomplished with Great Achievement, at the same Prestigious University.

Soon after the Celebration her 23rd birthday, the Elder Lord O'Rourke died of Consumption, having Bravely Demanded that the Physician treat an ailing child before Himself. Rupert assumed the title after their father's death, but he, too died in a hunting accident shortly after that Dierdre felt was Most Suspicious and the Work of Foul Play. Her suspicions were Further Incensed when a group of tenants were encouraged to March upon the Manor, bearing All Manner of Weapons and Dangerous Implements. Dierdre Bravely faced the angry crowd, and with her Calm Manner and Speech in their Own Gaelic Tongue reminded them of the Good her Late Father and Brother had done for them: Delaying or even Revoking Taxes from Families in Need, Supporting a School for their Children, Afforded from His Own Purse a Medical Physician to Care for them. She reminded them of the Fell Winter a decade ago, when her Father Succored the starving families and Ate Lenten rations Himself so that All should be fed. She Reminded them, too, that She Herself had served in that same Physician's office, and had more than once Saved the Lives of their Loved Ones.

The mob quieted, then a loud voice from the rear began Imploring them to Strike Down the English Foreigner. Dierdre instructed the Assembled to Surrender to Her the Rabble-rouser, who was Revealed to be not only a Foreigner himself, but also a potent Sorcerer whose Malign Spells had so Incensed the Crowd. Dierdre met him in a Contest of Wills and Magickal Power that left her Shaken but Victorious. The mob apologized, which Dierdre accepted with the Graciousness of a Noble Born.

Later that week, Dierdre was contacted by her superior initiates of the Brotherhood, who had determined that her opponent was a Fell Agent of the Golden Dawn, sent to Ireland to Foment Rebellion for reasons Most Dire and Secret. Dierdre was asked to investigate other such Incidents, both Here and Abroad. Lady Dierdre now Travels the English Isles and the Continent on Orders from her Superiors, moving among the Social Circles where Her Title and Financial Status grant her Access.

Dierdre believes the current heir to her Honored Father's title, Lord Anthony O'Rourke, a third cousin to the line, is a Scoundrel and Wastrel who would Dissipate the Honest Monies accumulated by her Father in Gambling and Low Pursuits, and so Bring Shame upon the Family Name. To Protect the Family Honor, and In the Name of the Common Tenants who would Suffer Mightily under the Mismanagement of His Lordship, Dierdre is seeking a Noble Gentleman to Aid her in this Confidential Matter.

Should Lady Dierdre lose her title, she still inherits the title of Lady Cassidy, and Sufficient Lands and Monies, from the Personal Estate of her late Mother, to Sustain her in a Manner Most Befitting a Lady of her Station.

She is also Interested in the Plight of the Common Tenant, and personally Advocates the Creation of an Irish Pariment, but Has Not Allied herself with any Political Movement, believing them Fractious and More Likely to Engender Discord Among the Irish Populace instead of Providing a Lasting Solution to the Question.

History: Dierdre was the first Castle Falkenstein character I created, inspired by the upper artwork on page 83. She's not much on combat (except for Sorcery) but is good to have around otherwise. All kinds of character hooks here: opposing the Golden Dawn; hunting some way to prevent her dastardly cousin from wasting his inherited lands; being of help to anyone in need, especially another member of the Brotherhood; helping further a solution to the Irish Question.

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