Raven's Character

Trump Description: Raven (Morgan Ravenswing) has shining black hair and startling green eyes. He stands over 5' 10" tall and weighs 190 lbs. He has a long, ascetic face and slender, sensitive fingers. (This image was taken from the picture illustrating the Morrigan clan from the game Immortal. During the Attribute Auction I happened to be looking through the promotional brochure that was distributed at GenCon the year before and was struck by the picture, and, needing some hook to create the Amber character, decided to base the character off the picture.)

Raven's Trump shows him as the Rider-Waite illustration The Magician, fitting as he is also a sorcerer of note. He stands before a table in his familiar black jacket and blue jeans, with his left hand out before him and his right hand holding a candle aloft. On a table before him are the four symbols of the Elements: the Cup, the Disk, the Sword, and the Wand. There is a white border around the Trump, and the back is of his personal symbol of the Raven and the Pentacle.

Parents: Foster parents: Nigel and Sylvia Ravenswing

Siblings: None known.

Titles: None

Hair & Eye Color: Shoulder-length, shining black hair and bright green eyes.

Colors: Black, Silver

Symbol: Raven's is a raven, wings outstrecthed and facing the viewer, over an interlocking pentacle with point up.

Wife: None

Children: None

Style of Clothing: Raven's favorite garb is a black leather jacket, black T-shirt, leather gloves, blue jeans, and heavy motorcycle boots. Over his shoulder is a large leather pouch which carries Codex as well as an assortment of art supplies. A large Celtic symbol is embroidered on the back of the jacket.

Hobbies: Raven is an excellent artist in many and various styles and media. He is also very interested in many aspects of folk culture and symbols.

Servants: None.

Holdings and Economic Interests: Raven's foster family runs a very wealthy art gallery in London, and he participates in its operation at times; at other times, he acts as an agent for it, seeking and buying art from folk artists around the globe. As such, as well as through his own artistic creations, he has amassed a large fortune and has his parent's money to draw upon in need, as well.

Raven's Abilities

Known Attributes:

Known Powers: Raven is a Trump Artist, although unlearned and untrained. Raven has shown significant abilities in several sorcerous fields. His magickal signature is a dark cloud that seems to surround him, and the sound of the flapping of wings.

Known Aritfacts: Raven carries Codex, a large, leather bound volume that acts as an intelligent Trump, in which Raven can draw images directly through telepathic contact.

Known Shadows: None.

Allies/Manipulators: Allies: Stormwind, Sandman, Caine; Serena.

Enemies: The House of the Dragon, another family branch

Raven's Past (as known by the general public)

Raven was led to the American Indian shamaness Stormwind ("She-Who-Walks-Strange-Ways") by the Trickster, Coyote. Whether Coyote is a member of the family or something else, they both do not know. Their collaboration led them to two others, Caine, a mystical martial arts master, and Sandman, an immortal warrior now living in a future Seattle (a former Shadowrun character). Together they met and destroyed a group of spirits who were trying to open a gateway on their Shadow Earth to a home of demons. Raven, who, in an attempt to create orichalcum through alchemy in order to create magickal weapons, apparently made something even more powerful, which he used to engrave Caine's katana and fighting knives for the other three.

Once the gateway was almost closed, Raven heard the sound of horses through it, and, being English and not wanting to see horses harmed, used his own power to keep the gateway open, just long enough for two riders to come through, and a swarm of hungry monkey-bat cross-breeds. The two riders were saved, and introduced themselves as Corridon and Patricia, travelers through Shadow from the city of Tanelorn, seekers of the lost and fabled Amber.

Amber, they said, had been lost ages ago through interniecine fighting, and their ancestors had settled in the traveling city of Tanelorn (from Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion books) while seeking Amber. Other branches of the familar had also settled and were also seeking the fabled land, as who ever rules Amber, ruled reality. Together, all six returned to Tanelorn, learning something about how they travelled the Shadow paths. There, we met Serena, the child-like immortal ruler of the city, and pledged our allegance to it and their quest.

This was turning out to be a fun campaign: the setting was certainly unique as far as I knew, and it did allow for visiting a lot of different Shadows despite the fact that no one had Pattern. Raven had Amber Devotee, so just in case they ever did find Amber, he could walk the Pattern. Stormwind had Broken Pattern and a demon familiar who acted her as her spirit guide. Our last great adventure found the four of us, now five (one more player started soon after we began), in the Shadowrun Seattle, where the insect totems were overrunning civilization. We almost managed to halt the invasion until Stormwind overused her Broken Pattern to get us out of a potential ambush, which launched us into another Shadow entirely. We were getting ready to return when the GM and half of the players moved out of town, effectively killing the campaign.

I had plans for Raven: setting up a Trump gate back to his Shadow and trading in art amd essentials through his foster parents' gallery; putting together his own grimoire and Trump book (with copies of artwork from several different sources, Immortal especially); and building his tower of sorcery in Tanelorn.

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