Name: Serena

Avatar Attributes:
Aware 6
Insight 5
Presence 5
Willpower 6

Vessel Attributes:
Dexterity 5
Fortitude 6
Strength 4

Dominate (Mastery)

Glamours (Mastery)
Nightwings (Mastery)

Awareness Skills
Mending +0
Perception +8
Sensitivity +10

Insight Skills:
Deduction +9
History +6
Occultism +6

Presense Skills:
Banish +0
Bind +7
Charm +11
Evoke +7
Intimidate +7
Mask +7

Dexterity Skills:
Attack +0
Defend +6
Stealth +7


Vitality: 12
Karma: 5

Description: Serena is tall, but her height seems to reassure instead of seeming imposing. She wears a dark blue hooded cloak, cinqued with a silver cord that emphasizes her slender waist and full breasts; silver spirals seem to slowly spin within its blue depths. The hood covers her face, but long, curly black hair spills down from the hood, and within its darkness, two softly, gently glowing blue eyes can be seen. When she (rarely) pulls back her hood, it reveals a tender, gently-smiling face. She wears her Keys on a large ring attacked to the silver cord around her waist.

Domain: Her Domain is a dim, shadowed maze of lushly carpted corridors, where invitingly soft divans await in dark, curtained alcoves; the prevailing colors (in fact, the only colors) are restful shades of blue. Above every alcove is a bust of Hypnos, the Greek God of Sleep. Soft, soothing, relaxing electronic music plays in the background, spiraling patterns slowly spin on every wall, and the air is filled with a heady, incense-like perfume that rises from the multitudes of bouquets of dark flowers along the walls. Serena can always be found reclining on a large divan in the center of the maze, attended to by her Servitors. Dreams are quite as important as waking, she will often say, as they make known what is not known to the waking mind.

Her Servitors appear as dark-haired, attractive but indistinct young men and women wearing Grecian robes, with soft voices, gentle but austere faces and compelling blue eyes that slowly pulsate.

Prelude: Serena was Dr. Samantha Matthews, a respected psychologist and ardent researcher into dreams and sleep disorders. It was through a patient who had been adversly affected by the Unbidden and unable to sleep at all (her dreams had been eaten away) that she met a group of Stalkers, who saw her questing spirit and made her a Stalker, too.

History: Serena was the first Whispering Vault character I created, largely to test out the rather simple character creation system. I was intrigued by the game, as Mike Nystul was a name I recognized from my regular reading of the gaming APA Alarums & Excursions. It is definitely an interesting setup, well worth investigating.

Copyright © 1998 Terry O'Brien {dragonmage@sprynet}